101 Guide to Blockchain Cuties Forge

101 Guide to Blockchain Cuties Forge
101 Guide to Blockchain Cuties Forge

Forge is one of the essential features of this game, that can give you a great advantage if you master it.

In this beginner’s guide, we will try to help you understand the basic workings of the Forge.

Finding the forge

You can find the forge here:

The forge has three sections:

  • Enchant — the chamber where you improve items
  • Recycle — the chamber where you turn items into ingredients
  • Repair — the chamber where you fix items, that went broken in the process of enchantment

What do I need to use the forge?

First thing first, to make use of the forge, you need to have in-game items. The more, the merrier.

To use the enchantment chamber, you will also need:

  • Magic Dust
  • Tools

Items are all you need to use the recycling chamber.

To use the repair chamber you will only need broken items.

How to get Magic Dust?

There are two ways how you can get Magic Dust:

  • Buy it on items market
  • Use the recycling chamber to turn your items into dust

Recycling items

To recycle items, and turn them into Magic Dust, go to Forge and head on to the recycling chamber.

Click on the item you want to ground into dust on the left.

Choose the quantity and see the amount of dust you will get. Then press “Recycle”

Return after the time in the slot and claim your Magic Dust.

After you get your Magic Dust, you can either sell it on the items market or use it for enchantment.

How to get Forge Tools?

There are three ways to get tools for the forge:

How to enchant my items?

To enchant your items, go to Forge and head on to the enchanting chamber.

Choose the item you want to enchant on the left.

After you have chosen the item, you will see how it can be improved and what ingredients you will need to do it.

You can also see the success probability of your operation.

The enchantment process is instant.

In case of success, you can use your improved item immediately.

In case of failure, it will go to the repair chamber.

How to repair broken items?

To repair broken items, head on the repair chamber of the forge.

Choose the item you want to repair.

Repair only takes time, and no other resources are needed.

We hope this helps you with your first steps in the forge.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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