5 Good Reasons To Play the Daily Lottery

5 Good Reasons To Play the Daily Lottery
5 Good Reasons To Play the Daily Lottery

Blockchain Cuties daily lottery is one of those little things that can bring a smile to your face.

It’s always there on the right side of the screen.

You can join the daily mini-giveaway on every single of the game’s blockchains.

Since the lottery will get a Season IV update this week, we decided to list five good reasons why you should never miss a chance to join.

1. Free toolkits

I’ve been secretly benefiting from this for a while.

Because let’s face it. As a small player, I can’t get a single toolkit from Halls of Grumpy King’s Deep adventure.

First of all, it only allows Cuties with enchanted gear to enter, which means that my warriours will be going in half-equipped.

Secondly, the bots are strong, and most of the time my Cuties would return beaten.

And finally, the drop rates are merciless.

So when I started joining the daily lottery on one of the less popular blockchains, the toolkits started rolling in.

I felt like I cheated the system and can now avoid the dreaded Halls of Grumpy altogether, while still getting the toolkits.

And you can do it too 😉

2. Participation is free-ish

To get into the lottery, you just need to cover the blockchain transaction cost.

And if you’re not using Ethereum, it normally costs times less than 1 cent.

3. You get Paw Coins and prizes

When you join the lottery, you have a chance to win an in-game item.

Sometimes those are generic, but sometimes there’s a real treasure to find.

Also, you get a small Paw Coin reward no matter what.

4. You show appreciation for the game

Most of the player activity goes unnoticed by industry trackers because of it being off-chain.

So by making even the smallest blockchain transaction like joining the lottery, you cast your vote for this game and push it to be discovered by more people.

5. You can win crafting ingredients. Even the rarest ones

This week, we’re rolling out an update that will add crafting ingredients to the lottery’s prize pool.

Yes! You will be able to get crafting resources with a bit of luck and zero grind.

Among the prizes, there will be common ingredients like pine, wine, and marble.

And there will also be super rare ones like celestial bronze, mead of poetry, aether, and even adamant.

We hope to see you among the lucky winners.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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