$BCUG Losing Value: Our Response

$BCUG Losing Value: Our Response
$BCUG Losing Value: Our Response

$BCUG has had a rough journey since its launch in the middle of spring 2021. The price has dropped significantly since the initial offering.

As a result, Blockchain Cuties has been subject to quite a bit of discontent on social media. Sometimes it reminded the situation with Dogecoin and other sensational drops in the market.

We have seen similar things happen before in our previous launches. Newcomers would buy a Cutie NFT, send it to a couple of adventures, and then expect to resell it for double the value. And it was somehow our fault it wasn’t possible.

Even now, some people level up a free non-NFT Cutie, put a few items on it, and hate on the game because they can’t sell the demo pet on a blockchain market of choice.

Blockchain Cuties might seem like an easy game to master, but it takes time and effort to get good at it.Newcomers who don’t take time to figure out how the game works don’t end up on the top seller list.

In Blockchain Cuties Universe, in about 90% of the cases, the long-term established players make the most.

Successful short-term speculations without any knowledge of the game are almost improbable. And it’s a problem for people who are looking to make a quick buck.

Short-term strategies tend to work for those with experience in similar games and good knowledge in NFT markets and never for people approaching blockchain gaming as a get-rich-quick scheme.With $BCUG, the situation is very similar. DeFi hype brought along many people who have never played our game and had a very vague idea about blockchain gaming as such. Most newcomers didn’t realize the fact that $BCUG is an addition and expansion of an existing economic system of the game. For those people, we are not one of the oldest blockchain games. They perceive us as a new trendy coin issuer. And they expect $BCUG’s price dynamics to unfold accordingly as the usual run-of-the-mill altcoin out there.

Our priority always was and is remaining to be an awesome blockchain game. We invest our time funds and effort to develop Blockchain Cuties Universe and Wars of Cutieland, to be the game that is carved into gaming history books.

The implementation of the promised features in the $BCUG whitepaper as a part of the overall gameplay is ongoing. For example, staking and farming are going live this summer.

Our team is always taking time to develop the new features, and it doesn’t sit well with people impatient for a quick profit.

The combo of impatience, get-rich-quick aspirations, and an overall misunderstanding of the project made some people act irrationally. And sadly, this has brought $BCUG to where it is now.

What are we going to do?

To make $BCUG regain value, we will continue developing the features we outlined in the white paper.

Things like:

  • Staking
  • In-game farming
  • Governance

as well as $BCUG’s integral role in Wars of Cutieland gameplay are all coming to the game.

We will also partner with other projects in the crypto space to promote the game and $BCUG token.

We expect token to grow along with its usability and the game itself. And it will take some time.

We also would like to thank our loyal community members who are with us for the long run.

$BCUG will find its place on the market. We’re 100% sure of that.

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