Beginner Tutorial is Live!

Beginner Tutorial is Live!
Beginner Tutorial is Live!

Onboarding process has always been a challenge for the blockchain gaming community. There are way too many entry barriers to become a crypto-gamer. It is especially true for more sophisticated games, like ours, that have a lot of depth to them.

As we develop Blockchain Cuties Universe, we notice the game becoming more and more challenging to grasp at the first try. With every update we add, the game and its market become more and more complex.

This year, it seems we arrived at the point where we either introduce an in-game player tutorial or remain the Dark Souls of blockchain gaming.

Though we love Dark Souls and its concept of unleashing a worthy challenge upon the newbies, we decided to take a more mainstream route.

We are excited to announce that the in-game new player tutorial is here!

New players of Blockchain Cuties Universe will embark on a journey through all the key features of the game.

Find the guide here:

This tutorial is also a useful guide for anyone who would like to start out in the world of blockchain gaming as a whole.

The tutorial will go through:

  1. Getting your first Cutie
  2. Getting it bloody
  3. Getting it dressed
  4. Getting it laid
  5. Getting it drunk
  6. Understanding why it’s not cooperating anymore
  7. Selling its stuff to other players

As well as

  1. Getting yourself a blockchain wallet
  2. Using it to make it rain or hoard crypto

It’s almost a crypto gaming course with the Cutest staff ever!

We are stoked to welcome new players and have this new feature to show them around.

Even though the tutorial is fairly long, it still only scratches the surface of the game. With all the updates for Wars of Cutieland the game will get even more sophisticated.

We’re proud to have made another step in making the game more welcoming for new players.

More tutorials and how-to-s are coming. And of course more fun updates.

Stay tuned and good luck!

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