Best Deals Of 2021 … So Far

Best Deals Of 2021 … So Far
Best Deals Of 2021 … So Far

Every week in our Best of Cutieland series, we show the best deals of the week.

It’s a fun statistic, and today, we want to take it to the next level.

Please welcome the best deals of the year!

Items Market


The biggest item deal on Ethereum was the sale of Tongue of Gulaare — one of the deadliest blades in Cutieland.

Smallpotato sold 1 Tongue of Gulaare for 0.1 ETH


The biggest item deal on Matic was the sale of an Ice Monster Crafting Token — an artifact that summons a unique Cutie to join one’s army.

Smallpotato sold 1 Ice Monster Crafting Token for 500 MATIC Ice Monster Crafting Token


On NEO, the greatest deal involved a huge lot of valuable consumables.

Stallas sold 100 Distilled Elixirs of Youth for 15 NEO


TRON’s largest deal also involves an Ice Monster token, but a more advanced one.

Bongman sold 1 Mighty Ice Monster Crafting Token for 15000 TRX

Cutie NFT Market


There are two top deals on Ethereum. Both are for unique Cuties of the past events.

SoSoDef sold Glaurung for 0.5 ETH

Dragon from the Halloween event

BlueDragon Swordsman Party sold Braxus for 0.5 ETH

Unique from Season I


The biggest deal on Matic was a resale of one of the rarest uniques from the Matic-exclusive Indian badasses collection.

BinaryAssets sold Cutie m131 — Thug for 3200 MATIC


The top deal on NEO is also for a presale Cutie. It’s the Chi Fox from the NEO-exclusive oriental collection.

Corleone sold 😈 Лис 😈 for 23.23557524 NEO 23 NEO


And the best deal on TRON was struck for the ultimate unique of the previous season — Skadi.

Dragon Food sold Skaði for 22500 TRX

It seems that grinding in the game’s events and seasons can pay off big time if you play your cards right.

Make sure to stay tuned for more fun stats.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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