Best Offers on the Pet Market

Best Offers on the Pet Market
Best Offers on the Pet Market

Did you know that the best strategy to enter the game is getting your first pets on the secondary market?

You can of course order a Custom Cutie to be made just for you or select a hero from our unique sale, but we would advise you to do it a bit later in the game.

The secondary Cutie market has several advantages:

  • Cuties sold at competitive prices
  • You can get the latest Cutie breeds
  • You can get Cuties in full gear
  • You can get Cuties at any experience level
  • You can get Cuties for specific tasks you have in mind

It’s a perfect option when you’re just starting out or when you’re looking to add to your army.

Today we will review the best Cutie market offers on TRON, ETHEREUM, and MATIC as they are the most lively and interesting blockchains in the game.

Unique Cuties

Everyone loves unique Cuties. These Cuties have a unique appearance and therefore a significant collectible value. Uniques also have in-game bonuses like being the only ones who can level up to LVL 12.

Uniques on MATIC

MATIC’s side mostly offers uniques from its presale and a couple of bandits from the previous season.

The best offers for each type of uniques are:

And if you want to splurge a bit, you can also check out the cyborg girl.

Uniques on TRON

TRON’s market is much more saturated. Here you can find Cuties from various events in the game. There are easter rabbits, gingerbread Cuties, reindeers, all kinds of bandits, and other awesome pets.

The best offer in each category is:

Uniques on ETHEREUM

ETHEREUM is the game’s oldest blockchain, so the variety of uniques on its market is the biggest in the entire game. You can find good value gingerbread Cuties, reindeers, piglets, rabbits, and superheroes.

The best offer in each category is:

Tribute Cuties

Tribute Cuties are also a nice addition to any collection. They are inspired by famous pop-culture characters and have some in-game bonuses like leveling up to LVL 11.

Tribute on MATIC

The entire MATIC market has only one tribute Cutie on offer.

Tributes on TRON

TRON’s tribute market looks much more promising, but the downside of it is that it’s filled with mutants.

But there are still some great offers we could find.

Tributes on ETHEREUM

ETHEREUM’s tribute market is filled with both Mannis and mutants. But if you dig around there are rarer Cuties to be found.

Regular Cuties

In terms of regular Cuties, all three markets have a lot of great offers. We’ll go through the best value 10s in full gear.

Cutie on MATIC

Cuties on TRON

Cuties on ETHEREUM

We hope this overview helps you find a new pet.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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