Blockchain Cuties Halloween Event Coming Soon

Blockchain Cuties Halloween Event Coming Soon
Blockchain Cuties Halloween Event Coming Soon

It’s Halloween week, Cutieneers!

We are days away from the beginning of our traditional spooky event.

This year, the Cutieneer community is super lucky because you get to participate in two large-scale events at the same time.

And, we promise that Halloween 2020 will not disappoint or fade into the background of Season IV.

We worked hard to make something that will make you feel spooked and excited, even if you have to spend this festive time at home.

What will happen on All Saints’ Day in Cutieland?

It’s safe to say that Halloween 2020 will be the most spine-chilling event ever.

Cuties will once again face forces of darkness. Little heroes will have to confront horrifying blood-thirsty monsters to save their world from a gruesome curse.

Halloween adventure

To challenge the unholy monsters and chase them off the land, Cuties will venture into the dark forest.

These cursed woods hold terrifying dangers and many exciting treasures.

Main Villain of Halloween 2020

To challenge the leader of the evil spawn, Cuties will storm a dark, mysterious castle.

There, a sinister creature awaits. It is an epicenter of the curse and a dangerous enemy.

Cuties that will muster enough courage to face the lord of darkness, will bring home powerful artifacts if they manage to survive the encounter.

Halloween 2020 Signature Hat

Every event in Blockchain Cuties Universe has a signature hat.

For Season IV, it’s this one:

Last year’s Halloween it was the hockey mask:

And in 2018, we had a pumpkin hat, that’s still one of our favorites.

For 2020, we’re proud to present you the Frankenstein monster hat!

With this exquisite leather helm, your Cutie is sure to stand out from the peasant crowd. For better or for worse.

We hope you are excited to spend some time in Cutieland this Halloween.

Make sure to stay tuned to meet all the villains and take a good look at the treasures they hold.

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