Blockchain Cuties Universe 2020 Recap

Blockchain Cuties Universe 2020 Recap
Blockchain Cuties Universe 2020 Recap

We arrived at the end of 2020. It was a hell of a year for our team, our community, and the entire world. We faced many challenges during 2020, and we are grateful to every one of you for sharing this unique year with us.

As game developers, we tried our best to make this year better for you all. We worked hard to create positive moments, fun, and opportunities for earning.

We hope you had fun in Cutieland during this year.

In this post, we would like to look back at 2020 and review all the progress we made as a game and as a community.

Let’s recap the most important events in Cutieland in 2020


Two major events came to Cutieland in 2020. Those were Season III and Season IV.

Season III was all about spring reviving Cutieland from the slumber of winter. It was bright, cheerful, and full of wholesome Easter moments.

Season IV was all about war. It was dark, bloody, and armed to the teeth. At times, it felt like an arms race with a lot of trading and crafting involved.

Both seasons went great, and we are grateful to our community for making it all very special.

New Cutie kind

2020 was the year rabbits joined the game.

Rabbits joined the game in Season III. They emerged from the underground tunnels to fight Old Winter and banish the cold from Cutieland.

These adorable creatures became quite popular among Cutieneers. Currently, there are almost nine and a half thousand of them in the game.

And more than 300 of them are tribute rabbits.

Gameplay updates

This year had many gameplay updates that came with the season events.

The most important one is the introduction of Cutie tournaments.

This game mechanic created a new way to fight and to get rewards. It also allowed players to see Cuties in action and figure out what it takes to win.

The other significant update happened in the forge. We added an entire crafting section that holds all kinds of Cutie gear recipes for you to create.

This update gave rise to ingredient trade on the items market, and crafting became a new engaging activity for all players to enjoy.

In 2020, two new adventures appeared in the game. We created them for tribute and unique Cuties to shine and get epic rewards.

With this update, the level cap raised to 12 for unique Cuties and to 11 for tributes, while the cap for regular Cuties remains 10.

Another fun update added quests to the game.

image 6
image 6

These little tasks helped us identify and reward the most active players in the game. Having quest medals became a requirement for several high-level game activities.

Quality of life improvements

2020 was all about the quality of life (QOL). The game became so much friendlier and easier to engage with.

We redesigned most of the pages you visit daily, from the new and improved Cutie page to your inventory and the markets.

One of our favorite QOL updates was the mass-equip feature. Equipping your army in a few clicks seemed like a dream in 2019, and this year it became a reality.

Another pleasant update happened on the Cutie market, where we introduced sorting by elements coupled with a super-advanced filtering system.

Player’s inventory also got a cool update where we color-coded all the items by their rarity and power.

We also added rarity filers to both inventory and the items market to help you scout for the gear you need.

We also created an item price tracker that shows how well a particular item is doing on the market. You can view each item’s sales history for the past 30 days on all the game’s blockchains.

There were also a few small pleasant tweaks like displaying Cuties with and without gear and hiding Cutie’s genome from other players.

Market protection

In 2020 we did a lot of work to strengthen and protect the in-game market.

Hundreds of hours of calculation and careful action went into what you can see today — a much healthier and more profitable environment for all players.

Art update

While our developers were busy making this game better, our artists kept creating adorable Cuties and progressing in their craft.

The style and aesthetic of the game changed and became more nuanced, detailed, and three-dimensional.

A great example of this is the tribute Cutie glow up update.

And a comparison of old item sets to the new ones.

image 5

This is great progress that lights up every minute of the gameplay.

New blockchain

2020 was the year Blockchain Cuties Universe launched on Matic.

It became the fifth blockchain supported by the game.

This launch was one of the most exciting this year. Many new players joined the game and filled the Matic’s side of Cutieland.

Matic became one of the favorite blockchains to trade items on, and the number of Cuties living there keeps growing.

Community achievements

It was a great year for the Cutieneer community.

The number of Cuties in the game reached 300 thousand.

A record amount of trade, crafting, and adventuring happened in 2020. Cutieneers managed to get the highest rewards of both seasons, master many of the game’s challenges, and craft the rarest items.

We are blown away by all the engagement, encouragement, and feedback you gave us during 2020.

Thank you for joining us in Cutieland!

We wish you a prosperous, safe, and healthy 2021.

Happy holidays, Cutieneers!

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