Celebrate Spring and Join NFT Giveaway

Celebrate Spring and Join NFT Giveaway
Celebrate Spring and Join NFT Giveaway

Spring is slowly but surely crawling into Cutieland. And it’s a happy time for everyone.

We have a little tradition to celebrate the coming of spring by releasing new rabbits into the world.

Rabbits are soft, cute, and remind of Easter — perfect pets for this season.

Last year’s rabbits were warriors.

This year, we got inspired by something completely different — a happy celebration of spring.

Saint Patrick’s Day Mascot

It seems that a classical St. Patrick’s Day is what everyone craves right now.

Basking in the sun, joining a happy crowd, drinking beer like there’s no tomorrow, that’s what the soul secretly needs.

That’s why we created a Cutie that embodies all the great things about celebrating spring.

He’s ginger.

He has a beer.

He’s lucky.

He’s dressed to impress.

He’s Paddy The Rabbit!

Paddy is a noble unique rabbit. He is Gen 1 and has nice stats.

How to get my Paddy The Rabbit?

There are two ways you can get your hands on this symbol of luck.


Paddy The Rabbit can be yours for 1,5 million bottles of magic dust.

That’s the amount you’ll get for recycling 7 693 leather bracelets. Or about 3 157 blue motorbike helmets.

If you are ready for this project, you can find Paddy here.

You can craft Paddy The Rabbit until the 24th of March.


Another way to get your hands on Paddy The Rabbit is to win him in our spring giveaway:

There are three rounds where you can participate:

  • Meme wars on Pawedcast
  • Storytelling contest on Twitter
  • BCUG holder show

You can participate in as many rounds as you want. If luck is on your side, you can even win two or three rabbits.

You can find all the details in our Twitter giveaway thread.

Join the giveaway here.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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