Christmas Lootboxes for Crafting

Christmas Lootboxes for Crafting
Christmas Lootboxes for Crafting

One of the best things about Blockchain Cuties’ seasons is opening lootboxes.

You never know what you’re going to get, and it’s always a special moment when the box reveals what’s inside.

Today we will discuss the lootboxes that contain crafting materials and blueprints.

Wooden Lootbox

The most common and the most important of crafting lootboxes is the Wooden Lootbox.

It contains blueprints, blacksmithing scrolls, several holiday goodies, and even other lootboxes! Blueprints are hard to find, while blacksmithing scrolls uncover many crafting opportunities for you to explore.

Possible prizes in the Wooden Lootbox are:

  • Sealed Advanced Scroll of Blacksmithing (Personal) — 2.53%
  • Blizzard Wallpaper —  3.165%
  • Reinforced Runic Loot Chest (Personal) — 3.62%
  • ASF Ice Axe Blueprint — 4.22%
  • Holiday Sparklers Blueprint — 4.22%
  • Sealed Basic Scroll of Blacksmithing (Personal) — 5.065%
  • Runic Loot Chest (Personal) — 12.66%
  • Fimbulwinter Season Points (Personal) x100 —  18.09%
  • Adventure Potion (Personal) x2 —  21.105%
  • Paw Coin x250 — 25.325%

You can get the Wooden Lootbox on season paths or in the BCU store.

Runic Loot Chest

Runic Loot Chest is full of ingredients you will need to create the most common Christmas recipes.

Most of the ingredients in the box are the good old basic ingredients you’ve seen in season IV. However, there’s also a chance to find unique winter components (marked bold in the prize lists).

We recommend this chest for everyone who wants to do some crafting this season.

Possible prizes in the Runic Loot Chest are:

  • Mercury x10 — 8.575%
  • Dye x10 — 8.575%
  • Cloth x10 — 8.575%
  • Copper x10 — 9.19%
  • Wine x10 — 9.19%
  • Marble x10 — 9.19%
  • Pine x10 — 9.19%
  • Ice Crystals x350 — 16.08%
  • Cold Ore x10 — 21.44%

You can get this chest in the season’s raid and in BCU store by clicking on a chest icon on the right.

Reinforced Runic Loot Chest

Reinforced Runic Loot Chest is much more interesting in terms of its contents. It offers a wide selection of relatively rare crafting ingredients.

We recommend this chest for players with a bit of experience in the game who want to create something a little more advanced for their Cuties.

If you want to create something a bit more advance this season, consider the Reinforced Runic Loot Chest and its possible prizes:

  • Philosopher’s Stone x5–2.48%
  • Celestial Bronze x5–2.48%
  • Ebony x5–4.955%
  • Granite x5–4.955%
  • Honey x5–4.955%
  • Iron x5–4.955%
  • Leather x5–4.955%
  • Jade x5–4.955%
  • Oak x5–5.31%
  • Alabaster x5–5.31%
  • Beer x5–5.31%
  • Bronze x5–5.31%
  • Linen x5–5.31%
  • Jewelry x5–5.31%
  • Shiny Pearls x175–14.865%
  • Obsidian Glass x175–18.585%

You can get this chest in the BCU store by clicking on a chest icon on the right.

Fancy Runic Loot Chest

Fancy Runic Loot Chest is for those who have big plans for this season’s crafting. This chest contains very rare ingredients that will help you create the most advanced sets of the season.

We recommend getting this chest when you reveal the more advanced recipes in the season and organize a stable supply of ingredients from the game’s adventures.

Possible prizes of the Fancy Runic Loot Chest are:

  • Mead of Poetry x2–2.57%
  • Aether x2–2.57%
  • Adamant x2–2.57%
  • Papyrus x2–5.145%
  • Basalt x2–5.145%
  • Healing Salve x2–5.145%
  • Damascus Steel x2–5.145%
  • Silk x2–5.145%
  • Sapphire x2–5.145%
  • Wood Carvings x2–7.715%
  • Limestone x2–7.715%
  • Dried Herbs x2–7.715%
  • Steel x2–7.715%
  • Tapestry x2–7.715%
  • Ruby x2–7.715%
  • Dragon Scales x70–15.13%

You can get this chest in the BCU store by clicking on a chest icon on the right.

Luxurious Runic Loot Chest

Luxurious Runic Loot Chest is the ultimate crafting lootbox you’d love if you set your aim to create the top sets of the season. It contains the rarest ingredients in the entire game.

We recommend this chest for more advanced players far into the season. Get it when you need a little boost to fulfill your grand crafting plans.

Luxurious Runic Loot Chest contains:

  • Adamant — 3.845%
  • Mead of Poetry x2–6.41%
  • Aether x2–6.41%
  • Demon Blood x42–9.615%
  • Philosopher’s Stone x5–12.82%
  • Celestial Bronze x5–12.82%
  • Mercury x10–48.08%

You can get this chest in the BCU store by clicking on a chest icon on the right.

We wish you the best of luck with opening your chests!

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