Coins of Cutieland: Paw and CUTE

Coins of Cutieland: Paw and CUTE
Coins of Cutieland: Paw and CUTE

$BCUG is not the first coin in Cutieland.

Before it, we launched Paw Coin and CUTE Coin.

In this post, we will talk about each of those coins, where to get them, and how to spend them.

Paw Coin

Paw coin is the most abundant token in the game. It is an off-chain currency that you can get throughout the game.

Paw was our first-ever attempt at wiring the in-game economy.


The top places to get Paw coins are:

  • Adventures
  • Quests
  • In-game achievements

Getting Paw coins is relatively easy, and you will earn a lot by just playing the game.


You can spend your Paw Coins in the Pawshop.

There, you can purchase consumables to make your Cuties stronger.

Also, Paw Shop sometimes offers season-specific crafting materials.

The future of Paw coin

Paw coin is an off-chain currency, so its potential in the crypto space is limited.

Throughout Paw coin history, we had countless attempts at hacking and abusing Paw mechanics. To this day, it remains the most popular target for malicious practices within the game.

That’s why this token will remain a means of trade for in-game consumables and other similar items with limited economic impact.

CUTE coin

CUTE is a full-on fungible token. It’s stored on blockchain and has all the security features one can expect from a cryptocurrency.

We launched CUTE coin to power in-game transactions and create more play-to-earn opportunities for the Cutieneer community.


The top places to get CUTE coins are:

  • Cutie market
  • Boss raids

CUTE is much rarer than Paw, and it’s a challenge to get enough.


You can use CUTE coins to buy Cuties on the market.

Filter Cutie market by “Token”, and you will see the offers.

Search for a CUTE sign and pick your new pet.

The future of CUTE coin

CUTE is a secure coin, and it will remain one of the key currencies in Cutieland.

CUTE has a big future in Wars of Cutieland as a trading currency.

What coins you should focus on?

Both CUTE and Paw are earned through playing the game.

The best advice we can give you is to enjoy the game and get them in the process.

If you’re active in the game, you will soon have enough Paw and CUTE to regularly go shopping for new pets or consumables.

HODLing Paw coins is a good idea before the season events to get ahead in ingredient shopping.

Otherwise, both coins are great to support the game process and make it even more fun.

We hope you’ll have fun with your coin collection.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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