Craziest Giveaway Ever!

Matic Hero Singh Giveaway
Matic Hero Singh Giveaway

We’re on the final stage of Matic presale. All the heroes have joined the game, and some already sold out forever.

There still are a few more surprises ahead and we can’t wait to share what we have prepared for you.

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Overall we are thrilled to see Matic coming into its own as a faction of Cutieland.

We are super grateful to all Cutieneers new and established for supporting the presale.

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So it’s time to give back.

Once the presale is over, we will host the biggest giveaway ever.

We will choose one lucky winner among all Matic presale participants and send them the ultimate Matic hero.

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Yes! We’re giving away Singh — the most epic and exclusive hero of them all.

This Cutie is worth an equivalent of ten thousand dollars, and there will be only two such Cuties in the entire game.

Singh comes with his unique item set that turns any Cutie into a cool cop.

KoteSingh 1

Singh is one of the coolest collectibles we have ever made. And we are stoked to give one away to you guys.

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway, you need to buy yourself a Matic hero.

Giveaway process

Every participant will have a weight assigned to them. It will determine the probability of winning. The weight will depend on the amount spent in Matic presale. The more a player spends, the more weight they have in the raffle.

This way, everyone has a chance at the grand prize, and there’s a way to improve your likelihood of winning.

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The giveaway will happen in the final week of August. You still have 21 days to join Matic presale and giveaway.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more surprises and updates.

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya in Blockchain Cuties Universe!

Click here to start playing!

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