Cute Coins For Active Players Only

Cute Coins For Active Players Only
Cute Coins For Active Players Only

Our team faces a constant battle to protect the in-game market and to prevent abuse by scripts or similar tools.

We had a lot of complaints from our community about scripts taking advantage of the game’s mechanics and not allowing honest players to get the profits they deserve.

Earlier this year, we promised to kill all robots with fire. 

And we’ve been working towards this objective all this time.

Sometimes, the aspects of this battle impact all of the players, such as in this case.

We introduced an additional requirement to take part in boss raids for all players.

Additional entry barrier to raids

Raid Rewards are a major source of CUTE coins in the game. And CUTE coins are one of the key currencies in the game.

We could not allow CUTE to be automatically farmed by scripts. It decreases its value for all players and creates an unhealthy situation on the market.

To protect CUTE coins, we decided to limit access to raids to active players only.

Only players with at least 10 adventure medals* will be able to send their Cuties on a boss raid.

*You can get adventure medals in quests. Read more about them here.

After the barrier went live, we immediately noticed the improvement on the CUTE coin front.

We hope that this change doesn’t cause you much inconvenience.

You can get 10 medals in about a week if you are an active player. With a smaller army and less regular gaming schedule, you’ll be able to gather 10 medals in several weeks and then continue raiding.

We believe that this change will benefit the community as a whole.

It’s time to get those medals and see CUTE coins grow in value.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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