Cutieland Approaching New Milestone

Cutieland Approaching New Milestone
Cutieland Approaching New Milestone

It’s been a while since we counted the inhabitants of Cutieland.

You might be shocked to know that the overall number of Cuties is not far from 300 thousand.

Cuties can make up almost half of Luxembourg’s population, and it’s super exciting to see their numbers grow.

In this post, we will share all the stats about Cutieland’s population and talk about the most popular blockchains.

Top Blockchains

TRON remains the most popular blockchain in Cutieland. Earlier this year, TRON surpassed ETH in terms of popularity, and the divide seems to grow by the day.

Currently, a bit more than half of all Cuties live on TRON blockchain.

ETH holds second place, with about 42% of the Cutie population.

That leaves only 7% to the other three blockchains.

Bottom Blockchains

It’s no surprise that the game’s most recently added blockchain has the least Cuties living there.

So far, MATIC holds only 0,7% of Cuties in the game, which is about two thousand pets.

Another bottom blockchain is EOS that holds only 1% of the game’s Cuties. But that’s still more than three thousand pets.

Top Species

Lizards remain the most popular Cutie species. But since the last time we checked, their comparative numbers have increased even more.

Almost every third Cutie is a lizard.

Yes! 30% of Cuties are little dragons. That’s almost 90 thousand Cuties.

Other top species lag behind lizards.

Bears are the second most popular pet kind, closely followed by cats.

16% of Cuties are bears, and 15% are cats.

Lizards, cats, and bears make up more than 60% of Cuties, leaving the rest nine pet kinds to share the remaining 40%.

Bottom Species

The rarest Cutie species are the latest that we added in the game.

There are less than eight thousand rabbits in the game, which is only about 3% of all Cuties.

Hedgehogs and pigs are very rare too. There are only about 23 thousand hedgehogs and 18 thousand pigs. So about 8% of Cuties have spikes, and 6% have snouts.

We hope you enjoyed this overview.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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