Cutieland Reached a Major Milestone

Cutieland Reached a Major Milestone
Cutieland Reached a Major Milestone

It’s jaw-dropping how fast the population of Cutieland is growing.

Did you know that in the last couple of days, almost a thousand Cuties joined the game? It’s insane!

Breeding in Cutieland is not slowing down for anything.

And today, we are celebrating our community, reaching another huge milestone.

Now more than 300 thousand Cuties are living in Cutieland!

We still remember the days when we celebrated ten thousand and were blown away by the first hundred thousand Cuties born in the game. We are super grateful to you guys for continuously growing your armies and making this game an epic battlefield.

So who is living in Cutieland exactly?

Top Blockchains

Cutieland is still divided between two major factions — Ethhereum and Tron.

In 2020 TRON blockchain has become the biggest one in the game. And now 52% of all Cuties are living there.

The overall situation looks like this:

The smallest blockchains are Matic and EOS. In the meantime, NEO seems to be gaining momentum and showing growth.

Top Species

Lizards remain the most popular Cutie species. And their numbers keep growing.

Almost 30% of Cuties are little dragons, and soon their numbers will reach 90 thousand Cuties.

The next most popular species are bears, cats, and dogs, with 15.7%, 14.7%, and 11.5% of the population, respectively.

The overall picture looks like this:

Cutie Kinds

It’s no surprise that more than 90% of Cuties are regular ones.

As for tribute Cuties, there are almost 14 thousand in the game. While the number of unique Cuties is about 5300.

Here’s a pie chart:

We love to see existing collections grow and new ones appear. It’s amazing how many Cuties were born in the past couple of years.

We hope you will keep breeding and adventuring with us.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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