Cutieland’s Hottest Destinations

Cutieland's Hottest Destinations
Cutieland's Hottest Destinations

Ever since the last update, the whole adventuring landscape has changed.

A Cutie has only a limited time to farm each of the game’s adventures. Once it has passed the adventure’s level, the drop rate starts to fall.

A Cutie is most efficient in its top level adventure and reasonably efficient in adventures that are one or two levels below that.

As a result of this, some adventures now have much more competition than others.

In this post, we will summarize which adventures are the most popular and which ones can get lonely.

Adventures with the highest competition

The fiercest competition is happening in Cutieland’s central adventures that require a Cutie of LVL 5, 6, and 7.

Most Cuties fight in City Ghetto.

Right after, comes Gates of Babylon adventure.

As well as Metropolis.

These three adventures attract a bit less than 70% of all Cuties.

Cutieland’s population is huge and these adventures are hosting hundreds of thousands of little warriors.

Adventures with the lowest competition

Luckily, Cutieland also has its quiet spots.

To the surprise of no one, it’s very lonely at the top.

There’s minimal competition in both of the game’s top adventures.

Yakuza District and Dragon Lair are visited by less than 1% of Cuties.

There’s very little competition in these two areas.

If we compare these two adventures to Wasteland and Tavern of Heroes, the competition in the latter ones is times and times more fierce.

Adventures with medium competition

If your Cutie wants to avoid the fiercest fights, but still hasn’t reached the top levels.

The best adventures might be:

  • Blood Moon Forest
  • Magical Forest
  • The Desert

We hope this overview helps you to decide where to send your troops.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more advice, statistics, and updates.

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