Dark Heroes Joined the Game

Dark Heroes Joined the Game
Dark Heroes Joined the Game

We hope that you are loving all the spookiness that has descended on Cutieland.

Both Season IV and Halloween are in full swing. We’re super happy to watch so many players tuning in daily for their share of adventures. The average level in the season is rising fast. And it’s mindblowing to see how many Halloween challenges were crushed in just a few days.

Congratulations, Cutieneers!

Right now, we’re finalizing the part II of the Halloween event. Once it’s out, every single bonus you earned in the challenges will come into play.

And today, we would like you to meet a new series of Halloween-themed Cuties.

These Cuties are spooky, dark, and have a ticket to Season IV exclusive adventure — Burhmere Underground.

See the full list of allowed Cuties here


Cutieland is one of the rare places where ghosts can be kind of adorable.

This mischievous spirit is all about making spooky noises with its chains and jump scaring its neighbors.

Get yours here

Wraith might look scary at first glance. But all it wants are hugs and its fair share of the treasures.

100 such Cuties will be available per blockchain. You can get yours here.

Goth Girl

Being goth is not a phase for this Cutie. It’s a real lifestyle of finding beauty in things others consider dark. She is not afraid to stand out and share how she really feels about all things that go on in Cutieland. While others might be happy to turn a blind eye to the problems of the land and sweep them under the rug, the Goth Girl will always call them out with a witty, sarcastic comment.

Get yours here

Love her or hate her, she’s still the star of Halloween.

66 such Cuties will be available per blockchain. You can get yours here.

Wraith King

Not the thing you have in mind when you hear about the return of the king.

This Cutie is bad news. Your enemies will hate it if you send the Wraith King to fight for the season’s treasures.

Get yours here

Last year, Wraith King tried to take over Cutieland on his own. But the united armies of Cutieland pushed him back. Now he searches for a new army to join. Maybe cooperating with the living will work out for him.

Only 30 such Cuties will be available per blockchain. You can get yours here.

We hope you liked these heroes from the dark side.

Make sure to check them out here.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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