Darkir Tungu - The Sword of Fimbulwinter

Darkir Tungu - The Sword of Fimbulwinter
Darkir Tungu - The Sword of Fimbulwinter

Darkir Tungu is the mightiest weapon of season V.

It is also one of the most ambitious crafting projects ever.

Those who attempt to summon this powerful weapon will need to collect five parts of the sword.

Each part demands an impressive list of ingredients to create. And the most painful thing about the process is the tiny probability of success. The chance to successfully craft each part is less than 5%. So in at least 95% of the cases, you will lose all your ingredients and get three potion bottles to drown your sorrows.

No one in their right mind would attempt such a gamble in eight days that are left.

And that’s good.

Because the sword is cursed.

A single cut from a mere shard of this sword turned a peaceful giantess Skadi into a demon-possessed monster.

What do you think might happen if the sword is complete?

The Fimbulwinter legend suggests that completing the sword might be the only way to reverse Skadi’s possession. But there’s an immense cost to that.

Once the blade is reforged, the creature that took control over the goddess’ body will be able to manifest itself in the flesh.

This scenario can reverse the entire course of the battle for Cutieland.

The legend says that the creature bound to the sword is an ancient demon capable of challenging the old gods themselves.

It’s a being whose tribes inhabited the north millennia ago, long before those who the dwellers of Eosgard call the “Old Gods” came to this place. He is the last descendant of the Faomori — an ancient bloodline of demons of lakes, seas, and the underworld.

His name was Daegna’ar — the last demon king of the Faomori.

So maybe the demon sword should remain shattered.

But it’s up to Cutieneers to decide whether to risk forging it or not.

What will you do?

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