End of Season Sale: Items Market

End of Season Sale: Items Market
End of Season Sale: Items Market

It’s a relatively quiet time in Cutieland.

The cold has retreated from the land, and only two raid bosses are left standing.

Fimbulwinter is over, and it’s time to get back to farming as usual.

It’s a time of sales on the market when the last of the past season’s gear and ingredients are up for grabs.

Delicious offers

Cutie tokens

Ice monster tokens dropped in price, so everyone can get Season V signature Cutie to commemorate this chapter of Cutieland’s history.


There are still a few days to upgrade your tokens before you claim your monsters in the game.


Weapons are a rare treat in Cutieland. They’re hard to find and challenging to craft.

But at the end of the season, the prices are dropping, and it might be a great time to get yourself some premium equipment.

Here are a few offers we found:


Completing sets

The end of the season is also a great time to complete any unfinished gear sets you might have.

Some items still may cost an arm and a leg.


But if you look closely enough, there are some bargains to be found.


General trends

It’s officially time to HODL everything besides season crafting ingredients.

Season crafting ingredients are available for bargain prices at quite impressive quantities.

Non-season crafting ingredients have reduced supply, and the prices are relatively high.

The sales of key consumables like blue potions and cloth hangers are slowing down as the market responds to the in-between state of the game.


Overall, the end of the grace period is an excellent time for bargain shopping, hodling your basic crafting ingredients and consumables, as well as finishing your crafting projects.

The new spring season is coming soon, and you will need all of the blue potions and crafting ingredients you can get to propel yourself to the top.

Stay tuned for more info and sneak peeks!

Good luck, Cutieneers.

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