Fashion in Cutieland: What Cuties Wear And What Stays In Closets

What Cuties Wear And What Stays In Closets
What Cuties Wear And What Stays In Closets

Ever wonder what other Cutieneers are doing with their item stashes?

What people are HODLing? What equipment is the most popular? What items no one wants to recycle?

If yes, it’s your lucky day. We got some fresh stats!

Items no one wants to wear or recycle

Some items tend to get stashed away for a rainy day. Cutieneers seem to never use them and HODL them for better days.

These items might fetch a good amount of magic dust but somehow don’t end up in the mill.

The finalist in this category is the colander hat!

It’s not the most powerful item, but it’s just too cute to get rid of.

Following the colander are all kinds of baseball caps.

Those are the first hats Cuties ever got to wear, so probably people are keeping them for old times’ sake.

Next in this top is the infamous leather bracelet.

This item is so common that Cutieneers can’t seem to get rid of it.

Other popular stashed items are:

Items everyone’s wearing

We now know what’s fashion like in Cutieland. Here are the latest trends!

The most popular item to wear in all Cutieland is the Po necklace.

Almost 35 thousand pets are wearing it now!

The second trendiest thing is the golden bracelet.

Cuties like to look rich.

The most popular hat in Cutieland is the G‘ Hat.

About 22 thousand Cuties are rocking it as we speak.

The most popular weapon is the butterfly net.

Perfect for summer!

And the most popular accessory is a water flask.

More than 20 thousand Cuties like to stay hydrated on their adventures.

Other popular items are:

Now you know if your pets are following Cutieland’s fashion trends.

Stay stylish, Cutieneers!

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