Final Week of Season IV

Final Week of Season IV
Final Week of Season IV

Can you believe we’re in the last week of Season IV?

It seems that we opened it just yesterday, and now it’s almost over.

It’s is our last overview before the season’s final and we’ll take a look at all the progress you guys made during the event.

Race to the final prize

The final prize of the season hides on the 300 LVL of the season’s path.

And two of the Cutieneers are super close to the goal:

Capronicus — 7 levels away and Dragon Food — 24 levels away

We keep our fingers crossed that both will get their hands on the final Cutie.

Meanwhile, the season’s top looks like this:

  1. Capronicus 
  2. Dragon Food
  3. SoulSoup
  4. PhadeOut
  5. Spigfun
  6. Simonstown
  7. DemrightNow
  8. Tarantino
  9. Bongman
  10. Sayembara

There are usually surprises right at the end of the season, so we can’t wait to see what the final score will look like.

Heroes of Season IV

In the last couple of weeks, three more orks joined the game.

Three lucky owners are:

Congratulations on getting a war boss on your side!

Now we have five greenskins in total.

A new warlord has joined the game since the start of December.

It belongs to the player who is extremely lucky with the warlord raid boss. It’s the fourth boss token he got from this raid, and we are shocked.

Congratulations to PhadeOut!

In total, there are now seven warlords in the game.

Things are even more excited among bandits. Ten new ones joined the game in December.

There are already fifty of them in the game.

Surprisingly, ten more raiders joined the armies of Cutieland. That’s a lot in just two weeks.

Now there are thirty of them in the game.

Brigand knights remain very rare. Only two new ones have joined the game in December.

It’s exciting to see how more and more heroes join the game as the season comes to a close.

We hope you will get your hand on them all!

Good luck, Cutieneers.

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