First Pig Tribute Cutie is Here!

First Pig Tribute Cutie is Here!
First Pig Tribute Cutie is Here!

After many months of waiting, Cutieland welcomes the first tribute of the pig kind!

This Cutie is the prize of our latest genome hunt, and we are super happy that all the hidden pieces came to light.

And once again the secret genome was discovered and recreated by the pro Cutie breeder Dragon Food.

Dragon Food managed to breed the game’s very first pig tribute in just a few tries.

Congratulations Dragon Food!

We are stoked to welcome Little Pig tribute into the game.

About Little Pig

Little Pig is inspired by Piglet — the best friend of Winnie‑the‑Pooh.

Piglet is a “Very Small Animal” and is quite timid, but he tries to be brave, and on occasion conquers his fears. He is also the best fried ever.

The first Little Pig in Blockchain Cuties Universe looks like this:

🐉🐷1st Pig Tribute Little Pig by Dragon Food

This pig is instantly recognizable and looks very happy to meet everyone.

His golden attribute is quite powerful with four different kinds of bonuses.

Dragon Food once again used his excel magic on his genome database and got to this tribute in a very small amount of tries.

Devilish efficiency!

Right now, there are only six Little Pig Cuties in the entire game. All of them live on the TRON blockchain. All the following Little Pigs are the children of the first one.

We love that the pigs finally have their own tribute Cutie in the game.

If you want to start breeding tributes, check our wiki for a few pointers on genome and breedings. Check out this post to make your first steps in breeding tribute Cuties.

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