Game Stats: Essential Consumables for Season IV

Game Stats: Essential Consumables for Season IV
Game Stats: Essential Consumables for Season IV

There is something events in Cutieland have in common. It’s their resource intensity.

To get the most out of any event, you need to:

  • keep your army on low cooldown
  • have enough cloth hangers to switch Cutie gear
  • have enough dust to craft season’s rewards

In this post, we’ll go through the most important consumable statistics to see if Cutieneers are ready for the season.

Magic Dust

Season IV sure won’t have a shortage of Magic Dust.

There are more than 150 million bottles in the game, and the amount is slowly growing.

However, the abundance of dust is seen only at the top of the pyramid.

More than half of the players have only 5 thousand bottles or less stashed in their inventories.

That will suffice for two Small Cloth Hangers or about four item enchantments on average. That’s not much at all.

The top 30 players hold about 50% of the entire dust in the game, and there are still enormous amounts of dust on the items market.

The prices are super low. For now.

Cloth hangers

There are more than 150 thousand cloth hangers in the game.

An average player has about 5 or 6 of these items.

An average amount among the top 30 players, who hold more than half of all cloth hangers, is about three thousand.

The cloth hanger supply on the items market is quite modest, but the prices are low.

Adventure potions

There is no shortage of blue potions in the game.

There are more than 400 thousand of them overall. With the top 20 players holding about half of these items.

While top players HODL hundreds of these potions, more than 75% of Cutieneers have less than 10 of them.

Luckily the market supply is relatively large, and the prices are low.

We hope that you are stocked up for the season.

And if not, there’s still time to send your troops out or visit the market.

You, for sure, will need all these items when the season goes live.

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