Gameplay Update: New Adventures, New Treasures, and New Strategy Challenge

New Gameplay New Market Opportunities

New gameplay new market opportunities
New gameplay new market opportunities

As we prepare the game for Wars of Cutieland, we put a lot of work in the core of Blockchain Cuties and focus on two things:

  • Making this game fun
  • Giving our players more opportunities to earn by playing

During this spring and summer, we worked hard to bring you an update that will strengthen the in-game economy and bring more fun into the gameplay.

Today, we are proud to welcome one of the most significant game updates of 2020.

Cutie leveling system update

This update will boost the demand for in-game items and change the process of leveling your Cuties up.

Item level limits

Every item in the game now has a minimum level requirement.

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The level on the item’s card is the minimum level your Cutie has to reach to be able to wear it.

You will NOT have to redress Cuties that you equipped before this update.

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The new requirements will come into play when you will put new gear on Cuties from this moment on.

Redressing your Cuties as they level up will add some extra grind, but it will also give you more opportunities in the items market. Items that nobody wanted will be back in demand.

Previously items market had high demand only for the most powerful and rare items. Now we created a separate market category for each Cutie level, and you have an opportunity to sell gear that will have demand in each segment.

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This update also has gameplay strategy consequences. Preparing a Cutie to excel at each of the levels will not be easy. The most strategic and hard-working Cutieneers will take the upper hand in the game’s battles. And there will be many ways to go about getting an advantage, because there’s another twist.

New drop system

Will the most experienced Cuties now be able to dominate all adventures?


We made a system that will let all Cuties shine. Cuties whose level is much higher than the level of the adventure, now have a worse chance at bringing back treasures.

For example, if an 8th level Cutie goes to 2nd level adventure, it will get -90% to its drop chance.

The level difference penalties are:

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Max level is now 12

Previously the maximum level any Cutie could reach was level 10.

Now it’s level 12.

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Tribute Cuties now can reach level 11.

Unique and Custom Cuties now can reach level 12.

The maximum level for regular Cuties is still 10.

To check which Cutie types, use Cutie filter like so:

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But what does a Cutie gain after reaching level 11 or 12? Glad you asked. They get a ticket to the new adventures!

Two new top adventures

We have prepared two new epic adventures for Cuties of level 11 and 12. Both of these locations have outstanding treasures for your Cuties to gain.

Starting from level 11, Cuties are welcome to Yakuza District.

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Those who get the upper hand in battle might come back with these delicious finds.

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Starting from level 12, Cuties can venture into the dragon lair.

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Cuties who make it out victorious might bring back some of the most epic gear this game has ever seen.

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We can’t wait to see what goes down in these two new scenes!

Other updates

In this update we also:

  • Color-coded items by rarity so you can easily recognize how common or rare the item is
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  • Made Custom Cuties stronger
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  • Optimized drop tables in all adventures and added new items to the treasure lists
  • Temporarily removed Aristocracy Elixir from the Paw Shop

Read more the full patch notes here.

We would like to sincerely thank Cutieneers, who helped us test this update and make it the best it could be. You have inspired, challenged, and guided us to make changes that will improve Blockchain Cuties Universe for everyone. Thank you so much!

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❤ ❤ ❤

We hope you will enjoy this update and make the most out of new market opportunities.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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