Gameplay Update: New Cutie Fights Coming Soon

New Cutie Fights Coming Soon
New Cutie Fights Coming Soon

Happy new week, Cutieneers!

This week is going to be an exciting one.

Why? Because we are preparing yet another gameplay update for you.

Once again, the goodies we are preparing for Wars of Cutieland are finding their way to the game.

Previously these gameplay updates were about trade and efficiency, but now it’s all about war.

This fall, we’re rolling out Cutie battle update!

New battles

We’re super excited to announce that with the next update, Cutie fights will never be the same.

What’s wrong with current fights?

Right now, you can see Cutie fights in battle reports.

Super long

They are long, monotonous, and a bit confusing.

We want battles to be fun, engaging, and give you a real feel of what’s happening between Cuties.

We also need to create gameplay for future wars. Fights between groups of Cuties will need new rules and mechanics.

What to expect from new fights?

There will be quite a few changes that you will see in the game.

Heath points

The most significant change will be the introduction of Cutie health points.

Just like in good old fighting games, each Cutie will get a health bar.

As the fight goes on and blows fly, Cutie’s heath will get depleted, and the last Cutie standing will win. Each successful blow will bite into the competitor’s health, and you will be able to see each attack play out.

Stay tuned to find out how much health points your Cuties will get.


Instead of dry technical reports, you will see some real fighting.

Blocks, attacks, critical hits, and elemental forces will all appear on your screen.

It will give you a better feel of your Cutie’s stats and the quality of its equipment. Also, it will be super fun.

Animation sneak peeks coming soon. 😉


We will go through all the confusing aspects of current fights and make it super clear and transparent for you guys.

You will be able to see what makes a Cutie win or lose a fight.

Set up for tournaments and team fights

As we progress in this direction, we will be adding more mechanics that will be at the core of Wars of Cutieland.

Team fights and tournaments are the next steps in the development of the new battle system.

We hope you are excited to see your Cuties fight.

Stay tuned for all the details about this update.

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya in Blockchain Cuties Universe!

Click here to start playing!

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