Getting Season Points Became Easier

Getting Season Points Became Easier
Getting Season Points Became Easier

We are pleased to welcome you to the brand new update of Season V.

Following your feedback and the stats we got so far, we made many adjustments to the game’s balance.

Getting season points is now much easier.

Another great addition to the game is the opening of Season V glory shop.

We also made season adventures easier and more rewarding.

Read on to find out the details.

Season point rewards

Victories in season adventures became much more rewarding.

  • Victory in Yggsvar lake (adventure 1) now yields 5 points instead of 2
  • Victory in Aelas Gorge (special Cutie season adventure) — 6 instead of 3
  • Victory in Lake Fleila (adventure 2) —  8 instead of 3
  • Victory in Glacier Foot(adventure 3) —  11 instead of 4
  • Victory in Isvindur(adventure 4) —  15 instead of 6
  • Victory in Mount Sudarl(adventure 5) — 20 instead of 8

Other activities that became more rewarding are:

  • Victory in season’s raid now yields 15 points instead of 10
  • Participation in season’s raid — 3 points instead of 2
  • Breeding — 70 points instead of 30

Some of the crafting rewards also got a boost:

  • Lake Fleila Key crafting reward changed from 1 to 3 points
  • Glacier Foot Key crafting —  from 2 to 5 points
  • Isvindur Key crafting —  from 3 to 8 points
  • Mount Sudarl Key crafting —  from 4 to 12 points

Glory shop

Season V glory shop is open!

You can find it in the forge. There you can exchange glory points for crafting ingredients.

Where to get glory points?

You can get glory points by participating in the game’s tournaments.

Glory points are not the same as season points. You can use them in the glory shop only.

Season adventures update

We made sure that winning in all of the season’s adventures will become easier.

We lowered stats of the ice monsters who live there, so winning in a fight will be much more manageable.

Season adventures will also hold more treasures. From now on, if your Cutie wins in a fight, it has more chances to bring back an item reward. The drop rate is the highest in the most advanced adventures. 

For example, if your Cutie wins in Mount Sudarl, it will get a reward every time.

We hope you will enjoy this update.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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