Greenskins Attack: Season IV Raid Boss is Here!

Greenskins Attack: Season IV Raid Boss is Here!
Greenskins Attack: Season IV Raid Boss is Here!

Anomalies are common on Halloween night. Throughout the years, Cutieland has seen many strange things happen on the all Saints’ Eve. And none of those were good news.

It seems that apart from the undead monsters, Cutieland has welcomed someone else. Someone loud, obnoxious, and green.

Greenskins arrive

It happened somewhere near the Burhmere forest. A bright flash of light from the shadowy swamps signified the arrival of the new alien creatures. It wasn’t an explosion or a rough landing. But it seemed like teleportation gone wrong.

The creatures tried to get back the way they came but to no avail. They are now stuck in the swamps of Cutieland until they find a way to open the gates between worlds.

Their leader calls himself Gruzkul. It’s the biggest, the loudest, and the most rage-filled of them all.

The new raid boss

Challenging Gruzkul is not for everyone. It’s a mighty warrior from another world.

Only Cuties trained by the masters of Season IV can attempt this battle.

To join the raid against the Warboss, you will need a premium season pass and an Epic Boss Warstone artifact*.

* Epic Boss Warstone is the level 50 reward on the premium path of the season.

Challenging Gruzkul will cost a special type of energy, while all the other raids will still use the regular raid energy pool.

The rewards

Is raiding greenskins worth it?

Gruzkul has many treasures. You have already seen most of them in the season.

However, there’s also a unique never-seen-before box.

Inside you will find the most dystopian set ever!

As well as a box containing the golden version of it.

And a token for your very own ork!

Here are the insides in detail:

  • Boss Token — 3%
  • Boss Golden Chest — 6%
  • Boss Weapon — 7%
  • Boss Accessory — 10%
  • Boss Armor — 14%
  • Boss Bracers — 20%
  • Boss Hat — 41%

Good luck in this epic raid, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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