Halloween Event Starts in Cutieland

Halloween Event Starts in Cutieland
Halloween Event Starts in Cutieland

This weekend, we were super excited to welcome you to the Halloween celebration in Cutieland.

All kinds of new challenges and treasures appeared just in time for the spookiest night of the year.

And the best thing about Halloween in Cutieland is that it’s not only for one night. The fun will last for several weeks!

In this post, we will give you an overview of the event and point you to the most fun things you can do during this time.

Dark Forest

A new adventure awaits!

Send your bravest soldiers to the darkest place in Cutieland — the Obscure Forest. This forest is full of dangers, unsettling silence, and shadowy figures roaming around. Some even may say it’s cursed or haunted.

In this forest, your Cuties will meet the ugliest, most unpleasant creatures.

But those brave enough to face them can bring home rare creepy rewards. 

In this adventure, you can get some spooky gear for your Cuties.

Or some crafting ingredients to create even cooler gear.

Join forces with all of the Community

The dark forest is a huge challenge, but with the help of fellow Cutieneers, it can all get better.

Sending your troops out on the game’s adventures and raids can help unlock bonuses for the entire community.

This year, we have the following milestone rewards in store:

  • new crafting recipes
  • bonus experience
  • bonus drop rates
  • discounts for Custom Cuties

And several other delicious perks.

Among the community challenges, there are:

  • Adventure challenges
  • Breeding challenges
  • Raid boss challenges

Participating in any of the above activities will move you and the whole community closer to getting more bonuses in the event.

Spooky crafting

This Halloween brings you two additional crafting sections.

The first one deals with getting crafting recipes.

In this section, you can uncover recipes for rare pieces of Halloween gear by combining five spooky crafting ingredients:

You can get a crafting recipe by finding the secret combination of ingredients. Each formula needs five ingredients. You can combine them in any order.

For example, these two are the same:

  • Garlic-Cross-Holy water-Silver Bullet-Cross
  • Cross-Cross-Garlic-Silver Bullet-Holy water

Once you discover a working formula, it will be stored in your crafting cabinet for future reference.

If you get the recipe wrong you will get a Halloween lootbox as a consolation prize.

It is your choice if you want to share your discoveries with other Cutieneers or keep them all to yourself.

In the second section of the Halloween crafting, you can produce Halloween gear following the recipes you got in section one.

Here you will need to combine several more ingredients to get to the spookiest gear in Cutieland.

We hope you will enjoy this dark time in Cutieland.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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