Halloween Part II: Raid Boss is Here!

Halloween Part II: Raid Boss is Here!
Halloween Part II: Raid Boss is Here!

We’re happy to welcome you to the second part of this year’s Halloween party.

In this post, we’ll describe all the cool things we added for you to enjoy.

Vampire Threat

The dark curse is spreading through Cutieland. Vampires started hunting Cuties beyond Obscurae Forest.

Now your Cuties can meet a nasty monster in several of the game’s adventures.

Vampires at the gates!

These vampires are strong opponents, but the worst part about them is that they bite.

Your Cutie has a chance to be infected with vampirism after an encounter with an undead beast.

The source of all evil

The source of the vampiric curse has finally shown his ugly face!

It’s an old count Victor von Stradovich.

The evil bat that started it all

Cuties need to put an end to the curse this monster is spreading. It is time to raid the count’s dark castle!

This elder vampire is powerful, but the raid offers glory and great treasures.

You can find an undead servant or a piece of count’s gear in his coffin

Your rewards are here!

All your hard work in the Halloween challenges paid off.

Here are the bonuses you earned:

  • Enchantment of Strange Trinket unlocked
  • Enchantment of Blade of the Soulless unlocked
  • Death Knight’s set upgrade: +1 Defense
  • Knight of Oblivion set upgrade: +3 Attack | +1 Raid Boss | +5% Luck
  • Chance of Cutie catching vampirism during adventures reduced by 10%
  • Anti-vampire potion crafting time reduced by 6 hours
  • +35% extra drop rate in Obscurae Forest
  • +65% extra experience in Obscurae Forest
  • “Prof. Needles’ Bloodsucker Blocker” crafting recipe unlocked
  • Blade of the Soulless crafting recipe unlocked
  • Complete Oblivion Knight’s set crafting recipes unlocked

Congratulations, Cutieneers!

Now you can craft the entire Oblivion Knight’s set as well as brew a potion that will make your Cutie immune to vampirism. 

Your hard work has brought this community a lot of other bonuses and perks to enjoy till the end of this event.

Other great news

The drop of adventure potions has temporarily increased in the following adventures:

  • Windy Hills: +1%
  • Magical Forest: +0.5%
  • Metropolis: +0.5%
  • Gates of Babylon: +0.5%

We hope you will enjoy the remainder of the event.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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