Halloween Sneak Peeks

Halloween Sneak Peeks
Halloween Sneak Peeks

The spookiest event of the year is almost here!

We’re jumping with excitement because so much awesome stuff is being loaded on a train to Cutieland.

And today, we will be demonstrating a fine selection of sneak peeks of the Halloween treasures.

Hope you’re ready to get spooked.

Who ya gonna call?

This set is like nothing you’ve seen before. It has so many details and adorable references you’ll instantly fall in love with it.

This set is inspired by Ghostbusters — the sweetest ghost movie ever. This Halloween, your Cuties can dress up as a part of the ghost-catching crew.

We’re stoked to show you our favorite body piece of the season.

It has the best badges.

Best backpack.

And even some combat boots!

This set also includes a super scientific weapon.

And your very own ghost trap!

If there’s something strange, in your neigborhood. Who you gonna call? Cutie in this set!

Skeleton set

This outfit is a Halloween classic. Dressing up as a skeleton is a super fun way to let people see what’s on the inside.

In this set, you’ll get a skeleton mask.

A suit that will let you in on a few secrets of Cutie anatomy.

And the bluntest weapon since the biker’s bat — a proper huge bone.

Just look at how spooky your lizards can get!

Ghost set

And finally, here’s an ultimate Halloween getup, for dessert. A ghost suit.

Yes, maybe those are just a couple of blankets, but there is a certain charm about this simplicity.

The body piece is simple.

But the headpiece is quite spooky.

We can’t wait to see all the Halloween combos you’ll come up with!

The spooky time is starting very soon. So prepare your armies for all our tricks and treats.

Stay tuned because we have more sets, treasures, and surprises prepared for you.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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