How BCUG Will Support Community-Driven Development

How BCUG Will Support Community-Driven Development
How BCUG Will Support Community-Driven Development

Community-driven development has been our core value from the very start.

Since the first days, we discussed what creatures will become the first Cuties, what species to add, and even how the game mechanics will work.

This process is chaotic and hard to document. Scattered between all the chats, calls, and DMs, the decision-making work is not very transparent and is hard to follow.

With BCUG, we aim to keep the best parts of the process and get rid of all the inefficiency and ambiguity.

How community-driven development will work with BCUG?

Here are all the roles in the BCUG tokenomics system:

As you can see, we, as Game Developers, have our place on the bottom right. The governance for game developments is given by DAO participants on the top right.

The DAO of Blockchain Cuties Universe will gradually receive the reign over many of the core aspects of the game like:

  • game mechanics
  • development planning
  • funding mechanisms

Of course, this will not happen overnight. The DAO will be established in three stages.

Stage 1 — Ting

Ting is a simple system of voting on different suggested options.

At this stage, our team will provide the voting topics and the options you can choose.

You will be able to vote for one of the options by staking BCUG. The more BCUG you stake, the more voting power you get in the voting.

Ting will happen in-game and will operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

Here are the typical topics the ting will vote on:

  • New game species
  • Old season content availability
  • New game mechanics to develop

After some time the ting will become a senate. 

Stage 2 — Senate

Senate governance will require you to have BCUG and a Cutie senator.

Here are the Cuties who can become senators:

  • Gen 0 and 1 Noble Cuties of level 5 and above
  • Governors from Wars of Cutieland presale

Thanks to their unparalleled experience and persuasion power, governors will have extra voting power, as compared to other Cuties.

To nominate your Cutie to become a senator, you will need to stake a certain amount of BCUG.

Senate’s influence is much more vast than ting’s. For example, the senate can choose to initialize voting sessions in several important categories.

Here are the typical topics the senate will vote on:

  • Additional liquidity farming pools
  • Support for new tokens for in-game trade
  • New game content
  • New game features
  • New blockchains
  • Changes in existing systems

Senate will also vote on all topics previously handled by ting.

After some time the senate will become a parliament.

Stage 3 — Parliament

The final stage of Blockchain Cuties Universe government is the parliament.

The great thing about it is, that it can be anything you decide. All the parliament’s functions, powers, in-game mechanics, and other aspects will be determined by the senate.

We hope you are ready to rule Cutieland.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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