How To Craft Your Demon Set

How To Craft Your Demon Set
How To Craft Your Demon Set

As the battle with the demon lord — Daegna’ar progresses, more and more crafting opportunities arise.

We already talked about the top five items worth crafting at the end of the season.

And today, we will discuss what it will take to craft the rarest set of the season — the Faomori set.

Right now, it’s the only set for which you can get recipes in the entire game. So it’s one of the last good crafting opportunities for the season V ingredients remaining in your stash.

Crafting requirements

To craft the Faomori, aka demon, set, you will need to have:

  • Book of Holiday Miracles: Vol.1
  • Book of Holiday Miracles: Vol.2
  • Book of Holiday Miracles: Vol.3

Also, you will need to collect all five recipes for the items in this set.

In terms of ingredients, the entire set will require:

Non-season ingredients:

  • Jewelry — 4
  • Wood Carvings — 1
  • Limestone -2
  • Basalt — 1
  • Steel — 1
  • Damascus Steel — 1
  • Tapestry — 1
  • Silk — 1
  • Sapphire — 1
  • Elixir of Life — 25
  • Magic Dust — 42 377

Season V ingredients:

  • Ice Crystals — 708
  • Obsidian Glass — 818
  • Shiny Pearls — 887
  • DragonScales — 4 359
  • Demon Blood — 1 743
  • Corrupted Magic Dust — 215

What it takes to get there

To get the complete collection of demon set recipes, you will need to be among the top 18 damage dealers in Daegna’ar’s raid at least five times.

Depending on your stash of season ingredients, you might need more than five visits to the raid to complete this crafting project.

Most Cutieneers, that have been active during the season, will need to be in the raid’s top 18 about ten times to get enough ingredients for the entire set.

But if you are super low on season ingredients, you might need to beat the demon almost every time he appears. If you have close to none of the season ingredients, it will take you about 20 appearances in the raid’s top 8 to win enough for the entire set.

Good thing that there’s always the BCU items market to shop for missing ingredients. At the end of the season, the prices are super low, and you can get loads of ingredients at very competitive prices.

Good luck with your crafting projects!

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