How To Defeat A Raid Boss 101

How To Defeat A Raid Boss 101
How To Defeat A Raid Boss 101

Once your Gen 0–2 Cutie reaches level five, it’s time for some real action.

In this post, we will guide you through raids so you can make sure to set your Cuties up for success.

Choosing your opponent

Generally, you would want to concentrate on one boss at a time. Attacking a single target with all troops will improve your chances to make it to the raid’s top and get better rewards.

There are two regular bosses to choose from:

To choose your opponent, look at their weaknesses and match them to your army in terms of species and elements.

Another thing to consider is the raid’s rewards.

Alien Invader will drop a lootbox and have a victory prize pool of CUTE coins.

The Red Devil will have different prizes each time, but his CUTE prize pool is smaller.

Preparing Cuties for successful raids

One of the keys to winning in a raid is having great gear.

One of the things to focus on is the item’s raid bonus. Here are some legendary weapons with the biggest bonuses:

And here are the sets that provide the best raid bonuses in the game:

Chaos set +18 to raid bonus
Goldes Skadi set +14 to raid bonus
Observer set +14 to raid bonus

Enchanting your Cuties gear is also a great way to improve its chances in the raid.

Picking your fighters

All Cuties eligible to participate in the raid will appear on the raid’s screen.

Take full advantage of the filtering system to pick:

  • Species the boss is weak against
  • Cuties strongest in elements the boss is weak against

Getting raid energy

Take advantage of the free energy available every day.

It will be enough to send five of your fighters after the boss.

If, after these attempts, you’ll get close to the coveted spot at the raid’s top, consider getting some additional energy to ensure you get your rewards.

Analyzing the battle

Each time your Cutie goes to a raid, you’ll get a report with the results.

Make sure to take a look to see the final attack and defense modifiers of your fighter. Going through reports will help you optimize your strategy and focus your resources.

Good luck in raids, Cutieneers!

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