How To Farm in Blockchain Cuties Universe Adventures?

How To Farm in Blockchain Cuties Universe Adventures?
How To Farm in Blockchain Cuties Universe Adventures?

Adventure farming is one of the core activities of the game, and there are a million ways to go about it.

Some players breed enormous armies to cover the entire game’s landscape, while others strategically choose their soldiers and deploy them to the most high-value areas with the best gear possible. Most Cutieneers use a combo of the two with a small squad of strongest warriours and a sizable unit of farmers.

In this post, we will help you decide how many Cuties you need to jumpstart your farming.

Cutie types

To visit all of the game’s adventures, you will need at least one unique Cutie.

Unique Cuties can go to all of the game’s adventures if they have enough experience.

Uniques are the only Cuties who are brave enough to enter the Dragon Lair.

Tribute Cuties can go as far as Yakuza District, while regular Cuties can visit adventures requiring up to level 10.

Regular Cuties can’t visit Yakuza District and Dragon Lair

To effectively cover all the farming ground, you’ll probably want to have all three types in different proportions depending on your strategy.

Cutie gear

The only adventure that requires special gear to enter is Halls of Grumpy King’s Deep.

Your Cutie needs to wear at least one enchanted item to enter. It doesn’t have to be a major enchantment. +1 is enough to get through.

Other adventure will welcome your Cutie wearing anything or nothing at all.

Cutie levels

Having Cuties of various experience levels to visit all of the adventures is one of the main challenges of farming.

You Cutie has the best chance to bring back a reward from the top adventure it can enter. So if your Cutie is level five, its best bet is Metropolis.

Adventures below your Cutie’s level are no longer engaging for your little soldier, so it will lose interest and bring fewer rewards back to you. The bigger the difference between your Cutie’s level and the level of adventure, the bigger is a drop debuff. For example, a three level difference will result in a -50% drop, while a six level difference in a -90%.

So you will need both young and experienced soldiers to cover all of the ground. We would advise keeping a maximum of two level difference between Cuties and their farming destinations for the best results.

Therefore you will need at least six Cuties from level 2 to 12 to cover 100% of adventures.

Getting Cuties to top levels can take a while, but the gear with an extra experience bonus, like the Pharaon Set, can speed up the process.


Elemental powers play a significant role in farming.

Most Cuties have at least one elemental talent. The only thing to watch out for is the overall balance in your army. It’s a good idea to have at least one Cutie reasonably strong in one of the five elements to send out to adventures and raids with elemental rotation.


Your farming squad can be as small as 20 Cuties.

The key is to diversify the types and levels of your soldiers.

We hope this quick guide will help you start your farming journey.

Good luck!

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