How To Grow Your Ice Monster

How To Grow Your Ice Monster
How To Grow Your Ice Monster

Petty Ice Monster is the first reward on the premium season path.

It’s adorable, and it looks very unique. But it’s rather average in terms of its powers and its generation.

It’s still an awesome collectible that will remind you about joining the Fimbulwinter quest, but do you know that Petty is not its final form?

You can turn your little monster into a real beast if you follow this guide.

Step 1

Don’t craft your ice monster Cutie before you upgrade it.

Once you exchange your monster token for a Cutie, the upgrade journey is over. So make sure to trade in your token at the moment you are happy with its form.

Step 2

Go to the forge and explore the Monster’s Enchantment section in crafting. 

There you can gradually update your pet to its ultimate form.

Step 3

Exchange your upgraded token for your monster.

Once you’re done upgrading, it’s time to welcome your new Cutie into the world. Go to the Cutie crafting page and claim your new pet.

All kinds of monsters

Each ice monster you can create differs in stats and looks. Each upgrade makes your future pet stronger and more cool looking.

You can check out all the stats below:

Ice Monster stats from Level 1 to Level 5
Ice Monster stats from Level 6 to Level 10

Cost-benefit analysis

In this section, we will go through all the upgrades and their costs, so you can have an idea if and how much you want to invest in your future pet.

The first upgrade gives your monster a bit of “hair” and makes it more likely to bring back treasures and dodge attacks.

The second upgrade is much more delicious in terms of stats and gives your little one a fancier tail. This upgrade also makes your monster noble.

The third upgrade is about defense, treasures, and ice powers. But the best thing about it is the addition of little ice horns.

The fourth upgrade gives your pet a super fancy tail and a huge boost to its stats. It also makes it a unique that can rise up to level 12.

The fifth upgrade gives your monster killer shoulder pads and a great boost in stats.

The sixth upgrade might not be super impressive in terms of stats, but it gives your Cutie some sick gains in its arms.

On stage seven, there are more shoulder pads for the taking. And if you learned anything from stage five, you know that shoulder pads = huge increase in stats.

The eighth upgrade gives your monster twisted horns and more shoulder pads. In terms of stats, you get a moderate boost. Growing horns is not easy.

The final, ninth upgrade is the transition to the ultimate ice monster. Your pet gets a beard, which is amazing. But even more amazing is the final boost in stats.

We hope this helps you decide which monster you want to have in your army.

We cant wait to see you claim your new pets!

Good luck growing your monsters.

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