How To Organize Your Cuties

How To Organize Your Cuties
How To Organize Your Cuties

When you have a sizable Cutie army, a lot of success depends on how you manage your troops.

Thanks to the grouping system, you can arrange your Cuties in different crews. But what’s the most efficient way to do it?

In this post, we tell you about some of the grouping strategies our players use so you can organize your troops for maximum impact.

Organizing by level

Some of our players create a folder for each of the Cutie levels. This strategy is great for mass-updating your Cutie’s gear as they level up. It will also fit for those who like to micro-manage their adventure activities.

Organizing by mission

Some Cuties are high-performers, and some are farmers.

Some of the Cutieneers tend to keep a group of their strongest Cuties on low cooldowns and mass feed them with blue potions. Meanwhile, the weaker Cuties, aka farmers, have high cooldowns and go on adventures only once every two days.

Organizing by elements

Some of the game’s adventures have rotating elements. That’s why it might be a good idea to group your strongest Cuties by their elemental powers.

Using this strategy, Cutieneers send Cuties most likely to win while a certain element is present in the adventure. In the meantime, Cuties that are not strong in the current element can visit other adventures where they’re more likely to win.

Organizing by gear

This trend came with the season events. With limited attempts at season adventure and the huge difference season gear makes, it made a lot of sense to group Cuties, who specialize in getting season’s rewards.

Those Cuties are usually equipped in current season gear and are kept at 24-hour cooldown or lower.

There are a lot of other strategies to group Cuties, and as the game develops many more will appear.

We hope you got inspired to find your best strategy.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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