How to Read the Consumables Market?

How to Read the Consumables Market?
How to Read the Consumables Market?

In our blog, we talk a lot about the crafting ingredient market. And for good reason. It shifts and changes every week depending on what’s happening in the game.

But, unlike ingredients that become worthless after the end of a season, some items will have demand as long as the game is alive. We’re talking about consumables.

Statistics on consumables are a great indicator of player activity. You can see the intense and quiet periods in the game reflected in how the players use and trade consumables.

In this post, we will review the game’s most popular consumables.

Adventure potions

Players use adventure potions to make their Cuties go on more adventures and get more rewards as a result.

It’s a must if you want to get certain resources or items as soon as possible.

So when the demand for adventure potions rises, there is something new in the game that everyone wants asap.

Adventure Potion and Grand Adventure Potion

Last week, the demand for both types of adventure potions jumped, and the likely culprit is Paddy The Rabbit, whose crafting costs one and a half million bottles of magic dust. You have to farm a lot of items to get enough. Some players are also actively gathering season’s crafting ingredients to craft some gear for the season’s final battle.

Cloth Hanger

Every active player needs a lot of Cloth Hangers. As your Cuties get leveled up, or you get your hands on better gear, you need to use them to equip your Cuties.

But you don’t use Cloth Hangers every time you need to swap gear. Only in cases when you want to keep what your Cutie is wearing.

So the use of Cloth Hangers reflects the number of well-equipped high or medium level Cuties in the game. And the bigger the use and demand, the fiercer is the competition in the game’s adventures and raids.

Currently, we can see an increase in Cloth Hanger demand. Cuties are gearing up for something important.

Aristocracy Elixir

Aristocracy Elixir makes a Cutie a little bit stronger and a lot more attractive visually.

Generally, players apply these to Cuties with great genomes and initial stats. So the use and demand for Aristocracy Elixirs reflect the activity among Cutie breeders.

Currently, the demand is on the rise, so we might suppose that Cutieneers are breeding future champions for their armies.

Elixirs of Youth

Elixirs of Youth make Cuties one generation younger. They are also commonly used on Cuties bred by players. 

Younger generation gives a Cutie a power bonus against older generations, but Elixirs of Youth are rare. So only the exceptional warriours can get a ticket to Gen 1 or even Gen 0.

Similar to Aristocracy Elixirs, the demand for Elixirs of Youth reflects how many Cuties players want to improve.

Spiked Elixir of Youth, Distilled Elixir of Youth and Pure Elixir of Youth

Currently, the demand is also on the rise, supporting the theory that Cutieneers are preparing strong armies to face what’s to come.

We hope you enjoyed this review.

Good luck on the market, Cutieneers!

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