How To Sell Big On Items Market

How To Sell Big On Items Market
How To Sell Big On Items Market

Cutieland’s markets are competitive and hard to predict. It takes experience and in-game knowledge to navigate successfully.

But today is your lucky day because we will be analyzing the top 100 deals on each of the game’s blockchains to determine which items are really worth selling.

We took 100 items market deals with the highest transaction sums on each of the game’s blockchains to analyze what kind of offers are most valued in Cutieland.

How much to sell?

Do you need to sell in small lots or big ones? Is saying that the more, the merrier true in Cutieland?

Lots for more than a hundred items are rarely high-value ones. Only 25% of the top transactions have big lots.

Meanwhile, almost half of the most high-value sales are deals trading a single item.

Valued consumables

Consumables always have success on the market. But due to intense competition, not all of them bring high profits.

The top five most valued consumables in Cutieland are:

  1. Pure Elixir of Youth — with an average lot of 3
  2. Adventure Potion — with an average lot of 99
  3. Cutenergy Drink— with an average lot of 54
  4. Grand Adventure Potion — with an average lot of 87
  5. Aristocracy Elixir — with an average lot of 30

Valued crafting ingredients

Crafting supplies also have the potential for high earnings, and we found some intriguing trends.

Selling magic dust might be a lucrative business if you do it in huge lots. The average size of the lot in the top deal range is 14K.

Toolkits also have high earning potential when sold in big lots.

Also, among top deals, we see sales for items like Cutie crafting tokens, blueprints, and volumes of crafting recipes.

When it comes to season ingredients, there are no clear trends for high-value deals. Rare sales that made it to the top 100 were big lots of relatively rare ingredients.

Valued gear

Most of the gear that ended up on the top value list were weapons and accessories.

Both weapons and accessories are mostly sold in small lots.

Another cool trend is that Cutieneers splurge predominately on set items. Other rarity types barely show up in the top.

In terms of gear levels, there are no clear trends. Cutieneer favorites seem to be items for LVL 5, 4, and 3.

We hope your next sale will be huge.

See you on the market, Cutieneers!

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