Is Crafting a Viable Play-to-Earn Option?

Is Crafting a Viable Play-to-Earn Option?
Is Crafting a Viable Play-to-Earn Option?

With the introduction of a complex crafting system, a new role emerged in Cutieland — a crafter.

An entirely new play-to-earn option for our players to pursue.

Previously the roles of breeders and item farmers were the most lucrative in the game.

Breeders are players who breed Cuties for sale to get profit. Farmers are players who farm items in raids and adventure to sell them for profit.

But recently, crafters, players who craft and then sell items, started their journey to the top of the market.

In this post, we will try to determine how lucrative is a crafters role and what are its main pros and cons.

Pros of play-to-earn crafting

The best thing about crafting is that you can both farm and buy the necessary ingredients. Therefore you are flexible in terms of sourcing your ingredients and initial investment.

Crafting is also not the most strategy-intense activity. Unlike farming, you will not need to intensely manage your troops.

Another great thing about this option is that it does not require a vast in-game knowledge like the breeder role does. You already have recipes and stats written out for you to use.

Cons of play-to-earn crafting

Every time you invest in item crafting, you take a risk. There’s no guarantee that the finished product will have a demand on the market. You will need to closely monitor market trends and trade chats to figure out what to sell.

Another challenge of crafting is that you will need to manage your time and crafting slots. Every item takes some time to craft and takes up a precious slot. So you will need to create a plan to use all your slots efficiently to maximize capacity.

When crafting, you will also need to watch out for additional requirements that might bring some unexpected costs to the process.

How much can I earn with crafting?

If you play your cards right and make a sale, you will get rewarded for your efforts. The profit margin of a crafted item can be rather lucrative when compared with ingredient costs.

We analyzed a few items from the market to determine how much one can earn if they buy 100% of their ingredients from other players.

Here are the results.

For example, the average price for Cursed Sword of Permafrost is 150 TRX. And the total cost of all ingredients is 52.9 TRX.

That’s a 65% profit margin.

There are items with a lower margin like ASF Blizzard Freeride Skis. This accessory’s average price on the market is 65.7 TRX. And the total cost of all ingredients is 33 TRX.

Therefore the profit margin is about 50%, effectively doubling each TRX you invest in the activity.

There are also items with higher margins like Blizzard Trooper Heavy Laser Turret. Its average price on the market is 466 TRX. While the ingredients to make it will amount to 51.6 TRX.

The sale will result in an 89% profit margin, which is very high.

Most of the items we analyzed had at least a 45% profit margin if we compare prices to the current ingredient cost on the market.

Therefore we can assume that we will see even more crafters emerge in the next season.

We hope this review inspired you to look into play-to-earn crafting.

Good luck, Cutieneers.

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