Is Easter Coming to Cutieland?

Is Easter Coming to Cutieland?
Is Easter Coming to Cutieland?

Easter is a lovely time of the year. Everything is so bright, cheerful, and full of hope.

Celebrating this holiday has become a good tradition in Cutieland. Each year, around this time, Cuties got to enjoy new festive items, crafting projects, and sometimes even brand new adventures.

Will 2021 be an exception because forces of winter are still ravaging Cutieland?

Of course not!

We are preparing something bright and festive for you to enjoy.

Easter sneak peeks

You might have noticed the first spring-themed Cutie in the game. It’s Paddy The Rabbit.

Some of you crafted him from magic dust, while some received him as a prize in our spring giveaway.

And some of you will get yours on our next Pawedcast.

But did you know that the shower of lucky charms doesn’t end there?

An entire St. Patrick Festival item set is coming to the game!

Your Cuties will get mugs of beer,

elegant outfits and hats,

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some of them might even get pots of gold!

And that’s not all.

We’re bringing new Easter hats!

This time, the signature spring hats are both adorable and hilarious.

Please welcome Chicken Hats!

This hat confuses enemies and gives your Cutie a second pair of eyes to look out for Easter treasures.

Another item that has a special place in our hearts is the game’s first-ever set of overalls. We’re pretty sure that overalls are synonymous with cuteness, especially if they’re sporting some colorful Easter patterns.

It’s so nice to see bright adorable items returning to the game after a period of heavy bloodstained armors.

Apart from all the new spring items, a new rabbit is coming to the game.

It is the most snuggly creature ever!

It has a bow on its neck.

And a basket of eggs.

You probably heard a lot about this creature.

All of this and more festive amazingness are coming to the game this spring.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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