Items You Should Save for the Season

Items You Should Save for the Season
Items You Should Save for the Season

A lot of Cutieneers have already developed a routine to grind unnecessary items to dust.

But with the upcoming season crafting, you might want to rethink what you will grind to dust and what you’ll HODL.

Following our last post on crafting ingredients, we would like to reveal some of the existing in-game items that will be used to craft exclusive season gear.

What items should you HODL

One of the items you should hold on to is Butterfly Nets.

You will need to combine a couple of hundreds of them with other ingredients to get some of the most epic weapons of the season.

Another junk that can be turned to treasure is Yin & Yang Necklace.

Although only one recipe calls for this item, you would probably want this epic piece of gear in your collection.

The next item that you don’t want to let go is the weapon of champions — the Fly Swatter.

Multiple season recipes will ask for this item, and to be honest, some of them are absolute must-haves.

Should you just HODL everything?

Overall, more than a hundred existing items will become ingredients for the season’s crafting.

Some recipes will be open, and some will be secret.

That’s why we can’t talk about them in great detail just yet.

But on the flip side, every single recipe will require a lot of Magic Dust.

So to get your hands on most of the season’s items, you will need to recycle a lot.

Waiting to recycle, until you know recipes can put you behind, since recycling takes time. Recycling now can give you an early advantage in terms of dust, but you can lose potential ingredients.

It’s all about calculated risk and strategy. Things you guys are great at.

We can’t wait to see your Cuties rock all the epic gear we prepared.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

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