Join the Epic Winter Raid!

Join the Epic Winter Raid!
Join the Epic Winter Raid!

We are super excited to welcome you to this season’s epic raid!

The big boss is here, and she is ready to take on all the Cuties coming her way.

Meet Skadi

Skadi is a goddess gone mad. She attacks anyone in her way. Enraged giantess fights her enemies with enormous strength and frightening ferocity.

Cuties might take her down for a while, but each time she falls, she bounces back more powerful.

After each time Cuties defeat Skadi, her strength will increase, and her Strong VS and Weak VS attributes will change. What’s more, the rewards will also grow with Cuties’ every victory.

To participate in Skadi’s raid you will have a special pool of energy.

You can get additional energy for this pool by using blue energy potions.

This energy also refills by itself with time.

Skadi’s treasures

Skadi has a great stash of treasures.

The coolest of them are:

  • Skadi’s set blueprints
  • Fimbulwinter Adventure Capacity Crystals
  • Skadi’s Chests of Epic Hunt

Skadi’s Chest of Epic Hunt contains the most awesome prizes, like Skadi’s set blueprints, season lootboxes, and, if you dig deep enough, the entire set of Skadi’s gear and her own crafting token.

The best news is that even if you’re not at the top of the raid, you still have a chance to get your hands on Skadi’s crafting token. Six Skadi’s Chests of Epic Hunt will be raffled between all raid participants that didn’t make it into top 3.

Adding Skadi to your army

Skadi will be a gem in any collection. She’s the first giant Cutie in the game.

She arrives with her helm that you can take off.

Her initial stats, while wearing her helm, are:

We can’t wait to see who gets her first!

We hope you will have a lot of fun in this raid.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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