Last Raid: Fight the Demon Invasion

Last Raid: Fight the Demon Invasion
Last Raid: Fight the Demon Invasion

It started, Cutieneers! The reforging of Darkir Tungu has brought a curse upon this world.

The demon lord Daegna’ar has returned.

After tens of thousands of years of slumber in netherrealm, Daegna’ar has returned to the material world. He is full of rage and hatred, and the only thing that he wants is revenge.

The good news is that Skadi is no longer possessed by him and is finally free of her rage.

The bad news is the Cutieland has a new, more powerful enemy.

However, while Daegna’ar is still finding his bearings in Cutieland, there’s a chance to expel him back to oblivion.

Cuties need to defeat the beast thirty times in a fortnight to break his sword and make him lose his connection to this world.

Welcome to the final winter raid!

Join a raid against the demon lord Daegna’ar and get all you need to craft the rarest set in the game.

Daegna’ar is getting stronger with every raid, but his reward pool grows together with his power.

You can challenge Daegna’ar every twelve hours, and there will be 30 battles against him.

Raid rewards

The top damage dealers of the raid against will get season ingredients, toolkits, raid energy potions, and Faomori set blueprints.

The reward pool is quite generous, so it’s worth sending your best troops against the demon.

Faomori Set

Faomori set, aka little demon set, is one of the rarest in the game.

It will make your little pet very evil and dangerous.

Every item in the set is awesome and powerful on its own. And together, they make a powerful combo.

The overall stats of the entire set are:

  • +25 to attack
  • +33 to defense
  • +4% to luck
  • +8% to evasion
  • +25% experience bonus
  • +30% drop bonus
  • +3 raid bonus

We hope to see many little demons running around very soon.

Good luck and happy hunting, Cutieneers!

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