Magic Wallpapers of Season V

Magic Wallpapers of Season V
Magic Wallpapers of Season V

We hope you are enjoying the Fimbulwinter season and already benefiting from some of the rewards your Cuties managed to get for you.

Today we will show one of our favorite treasures of the season — magic wallpapers.

About magic wallpapers

Similar to a regular wallpaper, the magic one changes the background pattern for your noble Cutie.

Regular wallpaper completely changes the background pattern of your Cutie. You can apply as many regular backgrounds as you wish while choosing the perfect backdrop for your pet. Each time the pattern will be 100% new.

Regular wallpaper

Magic wallpaper works a bit differently. The unique thing about magic wallpaper is that it is buildable. Each time you apply this kind of wallpaper, the magic happens. The background of your Cutie remains almost the same, but new details appear.

Magic wallpapers of Season V

An important caveat to using magic wallpapers is that if you use another type of wallpaper over your magic one, it will disappear together with all your building progress.

There are two types of magic wallpapers for you to discover in Season V.

Cozy wallpaper

This wallpaper is all about the coziness and festivity of the Christmas season.

The first application of this wallpaper will create an entire room with a cozy fireplace for your pet.

The second application will add festive Christmas decorations.

The third application will add a Christmas tree and some treats for Santa.

The fourth stage is our favorite. It adds gifts for the entire family, completing the festive atmosphere of the room.

The final stage adds a miracle to this story. Do you see what happened there?

Winter town wallpaper

This wallpaper transports your Cutie into a tiny winter town.

After the first application, a small town street appears.

The second application summons a couple of benches and a city clock in the background.

The third application adds Christmas lights and decorations bringing about the festive winter spirit.

The final layer adds a friendly snowman for your pet to hang out with.

You can find these wallpapers on the premium season path as well as in the season’s lootboxes.

We hope you’ll collect them all.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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