Matic’s Firs-Ever Tribute Cutie

Matic's Firs-Ever Tribute Cutie
Matic's Firs-Ever Tribute Cutie

Matic’s side of Cutieland is growing fast.

There are almost 1200 Cuties born on this new blockchain within a few weeks that passed since the launch.

And this week, we are welcoming the very first tribute Cutie on Matic!

Tribute cuties are pets inspired by famous pop culture characters. There are many of them hidden in the game. You can get one in the process of breeding. 

To get started, check out articles on Cutie genome here and here.See the ones Cutieneers already discovered here.

It is a great achievement since gene diversity on Matic is still rather low. The Cutieneer, who managed to get to this tribute, had to make do with a very limited supply of Cuties to breed.

Matic’s first tribute Cutie

The first Matic tribute Cutie is the most adorable puppy ever!

Jiff #1111 by FishojoyRoyal

This Cutie has very serious parents.

And a lovely golden attribute that makes it stronger in two elements and better at hunting treasures.

FishojoyRoyal was the first to breed Jiff on Matic.

Congratulations on getting the first-ever tribute on Matic! The timing is mind-blowing, since we haven’t even launched the sale of regular gen 0s yet.

The inspiration behind this tribute Cutie

Meet Jiff the Pomeranian!

According to his official website, this little puppy is a three-time Guinness World Record holder. He holds the record for most Instagram followers by an animal with over 9 million followers. He’s also known as Katy Perry’s co-star in the music video for Dark Horse, where he can be seen performing several adorable tricks.

Jiff’s Instagram profile is absolutely adorable. So if you want your daily cute puppy fix you can catch him here:

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With Matic’s fast low-cost transactions, we think it’s a perfect blockchain to experiment with Cutie genome.

We can’t wait to see more tributes pop up!

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