Meet the Cyberpunk Girl

Meet the Cyberpunk Girl
Meet the Cyberpunk Girl

This Monday is going to be super exciting because we’re launching the last of Matic’s heroes.

It’s the cyberpunk cat inspired by Coin Artist.

It is an exclusive collectible like no other.

First of all, she’s one of those Cuties who doesn’t stand like it’s school picture day.

She’s in a full battle stance and ready for action.

Second, she’s the coolest cyborg ever! Purple hair, glowing eyes, and futuristic gear in hand.

Third, she has a sword that looks like katana’s and lighsabers’ lovechild.

We love how this Cutie turned out.

Please welcome the cyberpunk girl!

This amazing collectible also comes with a custom background depicting a brightly lit street somewhere in the lands of TRON.

We also have a cherry on this awesome cake for you guys.

This Cutie comes with a full exclusive gear set.

Cool glasses and a stylish outfit:

Plus a droid friend, and a futuristic sword:


This set automatically makes any Cutie look like a time traveler from the future.

Tomorrow, we will start revealing her stats, elemental powers, and how many of these Cuties are going to join the game.

Stay tuned for all the details and your chance to get one!

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