Meet the Heroes of Season V

Meet the Heroes of Season V
Meet the Heroes of Season V

Every season Blockchain Cuties Universe comes up with several unique heroes to help you get the most out of the event. All of them share the season’s aesthetic and have special advantages in the event.

Heroes of Season V are the only Cuties who can enter the Aelas Gorge adventure. 

This adventure is rich with rewards and has unlimited daily attempts. Having a few warriors explore it every day might result in a huge advantage during this season.

The absolute star of this season — is the ice monster. But there’s a challenge to this Cutie. You have to invest some time and resources for it to reach its ultimate form. 

If you’re more into getting your Cutie battle-ready right off the bat, you might want to meet other season heroes from the unique sales page.

In this post, we will review all the heroes that you can buy in Season V and rank them by their popularity in the game.

Cutieneer Favorite — Winter Wolf

The most popular unique Cutie of this season is Winter Wolf. It’s the fluffiest and arguably the cutest of the season’s heroes.

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Winter Wolf lore

After Old Man Winter was defeated, most of his minions became free, and Winter Wolves were among the first to feel this freedom. They didn’t want to attack Cutieland anymore. They now want to become friends and serve the greater good. Their tolerance to cold and ability to move swiftly in snow makes them ideal companions in Kaldrheim.

Keeper of the North

Keeper of the North is one of the most handsome Cuties ever. He is also one of the most powerful among the season’s heroes. But what we absolutely adore about him is the background that adds a very heroic mood to this noble warrior.

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Keeper of the North lore

For centuries the Keepers of the North protected civilized lands against the spawns of the Long Night and demons of cold winters. Their order lived and served on the frontier, always vigilant and disciplined. When the whole world started to cool down, and their northern territories became lifeless wastelands, they understood that the Great Winter is approaching. Proficient in the lore of the Old Ways, they knew that the final battle would take place in the fields of Kaldrheim, so this is where they are headed.

Ice Giant

You can’t really call the Ice Giant cute, but it has other advantages like considerable power in the water element. This Cutie looks like Santa’s evil twin from a parallel universe. And maybe it’s a good thing.

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Ice Giant lore

The Ice Giants of Nordunheim served as officers in the Old Man Winter’s army. They are slow but capable of withstanding incredible amounts of damage. With the beginning of Fimbulwinter, they felt that something was wrong as the seasonal change started prematurely. To figure out what’s going on, many of them ventured south to Kaldrheim.

Hikami — the least favorite unique

Somehow Cutieneers didn’t like Hikami. Maybe it’s the facemask we’re all tired of, or maybe it’s her focus on ice magic.

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Hikami reminds us of the earlier days of Blockchain Cuties Universe when foxes were running around in little hoods and leather bracelets. This Cutie all about the power in the water element, and if dressed in season gear, its bonuses will go through the roof in some of the game’s adventures. It’s a very specialized warrior that can do a lot if used strategically.

Hikami lore

The mysterious Hikami Clan comes from the distant Shiba Isles of the far east. Each Hikami is a well-disciplined, seasoned shinobi who has fully mastered melee and ranged combat. Besides traditional ninja training, Hikami members study secret techniques that allow them to subdue ice energies. They are immune to cold and are able to produce ice constructs out of thin air. When they saw the first signs of the Great Winter their elder sent several of his best warriors to aid Eosgard.

We hope you will get the best hero for your army.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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