Meet the Stars of Season IV

Meet the Stars of Season IV
Meet the Stars of Season IV

There are two types of heroes in Season IV. The first type requires sweat, blood, tears, and commitment, the second one needs a bit of crypto or a whole lot of crypto, depending on the kind.

We’re hardcore people, so we’ll start with the first category.

Season IV Craftable Unique Cuties

You can get these Cuties by actively participating in the Season IV event.


This fox is full of rage and has the most atrocious bangs in the game.

The stats are moderate, so this Cutie is likely to rob a few unfortunate souls on its way.

How to get a Bandit Cutie?

You can get this Cutie by reaching level 75 on the season’s premium path.


A lot of things went terribly wrong in this hedgehog’s life. He was born with acute fashion sense and artistic personality, but Cutieland would not accept his vision of beauty. Especially after he has cut his Bandit’s bangs and did Highwayman’s makeup.

Against all odds, Raider believes that one day he will not need to convince people to pay for his creative services at gunpoint.

The stats on this Cutie are a bit better than his mate’s, but still on a moderate side.

How to get a Raider Cutie?

You can get this Cutie by reaching level 100 on the season’s premium path.


You can probably tell that this Cutie is an experienced fighter running a bounty hunting operation. It is the most dangerous villain you can meet at the crossroads.

As long as you don’t say that a lizard tail and a cloak don’t mix well, you may peacefully part with your belongings.

This Cutie has quite decent stats and will serve well in boss raids.

How to get a Highwayman Cutie?

You can get this Cutie by reaching level 300 on the season’s premium path.


Warlord fought against Rabbits for more than a year. After the official overlords pulled out of the region and stopped paying, he put together a rogue squad of 4 soldiers that started operating in the region. During that time, many from nearby villages joined the Warband. Now Warlord has a small army and a big set of plans.

In terms of stats, Warlord is a formidable fighter.

How to get a Warlord Cutie?

You can get this Cutie from a Boss Chest that you can score from the season’s raid.

Season IV Unique Cuties for Sale

If you’re into crypto-collectibles and want your pets right away, we have a brand new unique Cutie offer for you.

Dark Reaper

A transdimensional champion. Dark Reaper came to this universe to reap the souls of the strongest warriors in the arena. The more he fights, the stronger he becomes. There’s only one thing Reaper covets, and that is your scrumptious soul. His endgame is unknown, but there’s something evil afoot. With beings of such nature, there are no happy endings.

Get yours here

Mr. Freedog

Have you ever heard someone say anything in such a beautiful way that your heart melts, and your conscience flies away in a blissful state of relaxation? Then you haven’t heard Mr. Freedog talk about his favorite foods and the best music in this world. While not the youngest of the bunch, Mr.Freedog brings wisdom and whimsey into this grey world.

Get yours here


This warrior has been living in the wilds of Cutieland for the last century. All this time, he has been honing his skills with a blade and battle magic. Now, he’s back to test his might in the arena. 

Get yours here

Check out three more unique Cuties on our special sale’s page:
Unique Cuties in the collectible crypto game Blockchain Cuties

We hope Season IV heroes inspired you.

Good luck on your season path, Cutieneers!

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