Meet the Villains of 2020 Halloween

Meet the Villains of 2020 Halloween
Meet the Villains of 2020 Halloween

Spooky time is coming. And you have to be ready to face the dark side of Cutieland.

Today, you will meet three villains who will try to take over the peaceful land of Cuties.

All of them will be lurking in Halloween’s unique adventure — the dark forest.


This piggy once was a regular inhabitant of Cutieland.

Nif-Nif was a well-liked upstanding Cutie, who adventured, had fun, and loved strawberry jam.

But he was a lousy builder. He could not build himself a home. He would sometimes sleep on the streets or find a haystack to spend the night.

And that’s what caused his untimely demise. One night someone dragged him out of his haystack. The creature’s hands were cold as ice, and it had super-cutie strength. The attacker bit poor Nif-Nif and changed him forever.

Now the transformed piglet calls himself Nif-Nifus and hides in the dark forest hunting his fellow Cuties.


On that terrible day when Nif-Nif was attacked, his brother Naf-Naf was building himself a house.

But he was less than mediocre builder, just like his brother. He tried to fashion some kind of shelter out of sticks. The result was terrible. He had his lower half sticking out of his new home.

In the dark of the night, Naf-Naf heard someone approaching. He tried to get up but got stuck in his half-shelter. The sticks fell over him and entangled the poor Cutie in a mess. That’s when something bit his thigh, and everything turned dark for Naf-Naf.

He woke up as a monster and joined his brother in the hunt for other Cuties.

Meanwhile, their brother Nuf-Nuf, who was a great builder, was safe in his new sturdy home. When he came to check on his brothers, he found neither of them. Both were missing. Nuf-Nuf still hopes they’ve just gone away on some adventure.


Apart from the two monstrous piglets, another danger lingers in the woods.

This creature is massive and powerful.

Locals say that once this creature also was a regular Cutie. He was a local handybear who loved evening walks.

Unfortunately, after one such walk, he disappeared. Cuties went searching but found no one.

Not long after, strange noises and steps were heard from the forest. Cuties stopped going out after dark. Some reported seeing red eyes peering into their windows at night.

Are you ready to face these monsters?

Then stay tuned for Halloween!

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