New Heroes Crafted in Season IV

New Heroes Crafted in Season IV
New Heroes Crafted in Season IV

Season IV will be over in nineteen days. We’re almost at the finish line.

We are blown away by all the progress that you made in the season and, in this post, we would love to make an overview of Cuties that you managed to craft.

Heroes of Season IV

Almost all of the heroes of this season already joined the game. We have all kinds of bandits and warlords running around Cutieland as we speak.

But one Cutie remains elusive. It’s Highwayman.

But Cutieneers are already close to getting this rare lizard, so we shipped it to the game as a craftable Gen 0 unique.

Heroes unlocked

We have great news!

Two greenskins have joined the game. We absolutely love these insane, obnoxious creatures that run around with smoking guns and their tongues out.

Uglúk by SoulSoup

The first-ever Ork belongs to SoulSoup, and the second one is with Mr3dds’ army.

Congratulations on getting these extremely cool pets!

In the meantime, there are still only six warlords in the game.

For the last thirty days, no one managed to get a boss token out of Kaizer’s chest. We wonder if this is it, and no more warlords will ever join the game. The next nineteen days will tell.

While the war bosses remain rare, more and more bandits are joining Cutieland’s armies.

There are already forty of them in the game.

It’s a huge gang!

In terms of raiders, twenty of them are now in the game.

Those erratic caffeinated hedgehogs always bring a smile to our faces, and having twenty of them around is just like a big urgent meeting in our office.

The rarest of the bandits are brigand knights. Only ten joined the game so far.

It’s not a lot, but we think there will be more knights joining the game in the coming weeks.

We hope you’ll be able to craft all of the season’s Cuties during the time left.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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